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So You Want to Open a Cafe…Perfect Timing for My 12/5 “How to Open a Bakery / Cafe” Class!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Marlo Scott at Sweet Revenge windowbayIt’s hard to believe we are in December already! With the end of the year rolling near, it means the new year is on the horizon and on my brain. I’m excited to make serious progress on a major initiative (otherwise known as a big ole dream aka goal) I’ve been working on for the last 6 months. This year sets the stage for next year’s act and fabulous transformation. Many of my friends have shared with me how this year has been one of prep, planning and taking the plunge for major life changes.

If you’ve got a big dream of opening up a cafe, bakery, food based business or restaurant, take my “How to Open a Cafe/Bakery” class this Saturday December 5th at Sweet Revenge 8a-10. I share concrete, actionable steps about the milestones necessary in bringing your beautiful concept to life. I share tips and tricks, and I never sugarcoat the process. I’m a firm believer that candid and frank conversation is invaluable to learning and making decisions. I have always appreciated it myself and so that’s my philosophy in what I share about the path of opening and running your own small business. The journey of transitioning to being an entrepreneur is exciting, a roller coaster and challenges every level and dimension of your skill sets, including forcing you to develop, or outsource, missing ones :).

REGISTER NOW for this Saturday’s class! 

End 2015 on a high note, feeling great that you are making progress in going after your big dream. Take my class on Saturday. Set yourself up for a year of amazing transformation in 2016!

cheers to living the dream,


Marlo Scott in Yahoo News: American Business Women’s Day!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Owner Marlo Scott at Sweet RevengeSweet Revenge Owner Marlo Scott was thrilled to be quoted in Tracy Byrnes story celebrating American Business Women’s Day on Yahoo News. The ABWA was founded on Sept. 22, 1949.  Thirty four years later, congress sanctioned this day as an official holiday in 1983!

Read the story on Yahoo News


Dream of Opening Your Own Cafe or Bakery?

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

As a small business owner of a restaurant & wine bar, I have been commended by patrons through the years for “going for it”, “taking such a big risk”, and “living the dream”. I appreciate their compliments and their support for my transition from corporate to restaurateur.

Many folks have asked how I pulled it all off.  Last year, I was approached by the Idiot’s Guide to write their book on opening and running a restaurant. Although I passed on that opportunity, I have been sharing the concrete steps on going from idea in the noggin’ to brick & mortar on the block in my classes that I’ve been teaching at Sweet Revenge® for the past two years. This Saturday, I am offering my class on How to Open a Successful Cafe / Bakery and I hope to see my fellow dreamers and doers bright and early at Sweet Revenge® at 8a.

If you want to escape your corporate job to bring your cafe, bar, bakery, coffee shop, cupcake store, or restaurant to life, sign up now for this Saturday’s class!

For details on what is covered in my workshop this Saturday at 8a: HOW TO OPEN A SUCCESSFUL CAFE / BAKERY CLASS

The class will be held:
8am-10am, Saturday April 4, 2015
Sweet Revenge
62 Carmine Street (between Bedford & 7th Ave in the west village)
NYC NY 10014

To register & pay the course fee of $199 (includes breakfast pastries & coffee) via paypal: PAY NOW

Cheers to betting on yourself and livin’ the dream!


Adios 2013, Bring it on 2014!

Monday, December 30th, 2013

As the year winds to a close, I’m very grateful for my many blessings of 2013.  Big thanks goes to my lovely staff at Sweet Revenge for their hard work in making my dream a reality every day. I appreciate my cutiepie hubby G for his love, support and help.  He refers to himself as my errand boy which is quite an understatement. I am indebted to all my patrons and social media e-friends for spending their hard earned money at mine and spreading the word about my restaurant & wine bar.  Thank yous go to my fabulous friends and dear family for their never ending cheer leading, bright ideas, moral support, and spending moolah at SR.

Looking back at the year’s milestones, I enjoyed immensely the time I spent with budding entrepreneurs and those dancing with the idea in my small business classes I teach at Sweet Revenge® via my other company Marlo Scott Productions®.  I’m noodling on the 2014 calendar of classes, excited for all that positive energy that swirls around those following their dreams and putting good karma out there. Entrepreneurs are a special breed. We are dreamers and doers, masochists & optimists and without us, our streets and neighborhoods would be the stuff of very bland strip malls. I am grateful for all those out there proving that living the dream is possible, even though the hard work never ceases.

I’m so very proud of launching our outrageous Dinner menu at Sweet Revenge®, complete with wine & beer pairings for our entrees. I took what I learned from pairing delicious imported beers & wines with cupcakes and applied it to our world-inspired burgers, drunken noodles, Turkish meatballs, oven fried chicken & jarlsberg rosemary Belgian waffles (to bedazzle you with a few menu items:)).  This menu took me a year to pull off, and it is hand-on-heart ridiculously tasty. I hope you get a chance to become a regular and an addict :).

May the close of this year find you and yours happy, healthy and loved.

Cheers to a brilliant 2014,



Yummy Class Alert for Mon Nov 11th: The Art of Pairing Desserts & Drinks for the Holidays!

Sunday, November 10th, 2013
Marlo Scott & a Sweet Revenge holiday pie

Marlo Scott & a Sweet Revenge Fleur de Sel holiday pie

Enjoy my tis-the-season dessert & drink pairings class at Sweet Revenge  on Monday, November 11th 6-7p! In this decadent, delicious and decidedly seasonal Art of Pairing Holiday Desserts & Drinks (only $50!), I’m teaching my best tips on pairing beautiful wines and beers with gorgeous desserts for the upcoming festivities.

You’ll enjoy classic flavors of the season including pumpkin, spiced apple, & salted caramel pecan with tastings of their wine & beer pairings. Learn what to look for and why & how flavors play together. Be the hostess (or host) with the mostess (or most :)) when entertaining at home during the holidays.

REGISTER now to Eat, Drink & Be Very, Very Merry with me! Bring your appetite!

Monday, November 11th, 6-7p
Held at Sweet Revenge®
Fee includes desserts & drinks


Marlo Scott

Life in the Not So Fast Lane

Thursday, September 5th, 2013
Patience via

Patience via

In my 5th year as a small business owner, I continue to be dumbfounded at how much longer projects take than I could ever expect.  In my prior corporate life many moons ago, I worked at a very ambitious, aggressive media company. Deadlines demanded insane work hours, and the piranha-like culture lead to this company’s success for many years (and then later caused its downfall).

At Sweet Revenge® and Marlo Scott Productions™ I have ambitious goals and big dreams, and I set reasonable time-frames for knocking projects off the to-do list.  It drives me bananas when I’m unable to accomplish a project any faster than the speed that some other greater life force is dictating. No amount of rah rah rah go team or being frustrated changes the pace.  After decades of life denial, I’ve finally accepted that patience makes life more comfortable when things don’t go my way (which is often the case).


Sweet Revenge Signature Burger

Sweet Revenge Signature Burger

Case in point: the dinner menu at Sweet Revenge® which we developed in February. I have eagerly anticipated launching this new menu ever since, knowing that it will be a game changer for my restaurant & wine bar. Yet, seven months have gone by, and we are still too lean in the kitchen to pull it off.

I’ve put major efforts into staffing up and spent a small fortune on Craigslist ads. For various reasons four full-time chefs have come and gone in that time frame.  The revolving staff door is a restaurant industry norm but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. When the last chef was terminated due to gross incompetence, I made peace with my dinner menu. Dinner will launch when it’s meant to be. Sweet Revenge® will be all grown up at that point, transforming from a cupcake, beer & wine bar (serving breakfast, lunch and brunch) into a full-fledged restaurant & wine bar serving the world’s only cupcake, wine & beer pairings menu.

From the time I was a munchkin on the Columbus, IN youth soccer team, I loved running fast. I ran competitively from junior high through my freshman year at Butler University. Its a rush to come out of the blocks and cross the finish line first.  Although I feel more like the tortoise than the hare these days, the one thing I have never changed, despite setbacks and shifting sands of time, is my relentless optimism for all the good stuff to come.  Patience may be a virtue but when combined with persistence and positivity, virtue is replaced with victory.

We are onboarding a fabulous new chef in a couple of weeks and have a promising candidate who graduates from the CIA in Hyde Park at the end of the month. By my calculations we can legitimately launch dinner by the end of October, assuming I don’t get blindsided :).

“The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.” ― Leo TolstoyWar and Peace



Calling All Cupcake Lovers! Learn What it Takes to Open a Cupcake Bakery!

Friday, July 19th, 2013

fleur de sel cupcakeI am very excited to teach my upcoming small business class “How to Open a Successful Cupcake Bakery” on July 27th at Sweet Revenge® (8-10am). During the last 5 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve heard from many of my lovely patrons near and far (thank you fans in Australia, England, Mexico and across the US!) who aspire to follow their passions too. This inspires and motivates me.

My class will cover the critical milestones required to get open for business. I don’t sugar coat. I speak candidly, sharing my personal experience of what I went through to launch Sweet Revenge®. I believe in being practical and actionable, so my guidance is meaningful for my fellow small business owners.

For details and to register ($149), please visit Marlo Scott Productions (my professional services website):

cheers to livin’ the dream!



Now Offering Classes & Workshops at Sweet Revenge!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Recently I launched Marlo Scott Productions so I can share my experiences as a small business owner in new and different ways. I am very excited to teach my first class “DIY Social Media 101 for Small Business” on May 11th at Sweet Revenge (8:30a – 9:45a). After navigating  the often confusing maze of social media platforms to market Sweet Revenge and my new company, I wanted to ‘share to spare’ the headaches & hassles I’d experienced! Those who know me from my bartending days at SR, know I’m a ‘sharing is caring’ type unless it has to do with cupcakes (in which case, my motto is ‘get your own’ :)).

DIY Social Media 101 for Small Business

The $47 registration fee includes outrageous breakfast pastries and our beloved Kobrick coffee. Topics Include:

Finding your Business’s Brand Voice, Look & Feel to Craft Your Customer’s Experience via Social Media
Walk-through Demonstrations on How to Set Up Your Brand on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn
Using Tweetdeck & Hootsuite for Efficiency, Communication and Keeping a Pulse on the Competition
Benefits: Research & Trends, Networking, Competition, Customer Connections, Editorial Coverage
Big Picture – Tying Social Media in with Your Website Marlo’s Fave Apps for Fun with Food Porn :)

Register Now! ($47)

I’m also teaching other classes including: How to Open a Successful Cupcake Bakery, How to Pair Desserts & Drinks, and 2 & 3 Day Restaurant Immersion Workshops. For more info, please check out Marlo Scott Productions! Please spread the good word to any and all small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs you know!