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So You Want to Open a Cafe…Perfect Timing for My 12/5 “How to Open a Bakery / Cafe” Class!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Marlo Scott at Sweet Revenge windowbayIt’s hard to believe we are in December already! With the end of the year rolling near, it means the new year is on the horizon and on my brain. I’m excited to make serious progress on a major initiative (otherwise known as a big ole dream aka goal) I’ve been working on for the last 6 months. This year sets the stage for next year’s act and fabulous transformation. Many of my friends have shared with me how this year has been one of prep, planning and taking the plunge for major life changes.

If you’ve got a big dream of opening up a cafe, bakery, food based business or restaurant, take my “How to Open a Cafe/Bakery” class this Saturday December 5th at Sweet Revenge 8a-10. I share concrete, actionable steps about the milestones necessary in bringing your beautiful concept to life. I share tips and tricks, and I never sugarcoat the process. I’m a firm believer that candid and frank conversation is invaluable to learning and making decisions. I have always appreciated it myself and so that’s my philosophy in what I share about the path of opening and running your own small business. The journey of transitioning to being an entrepreneur is exciting, a roller coaster and challenges every level and dimension of your skill sets, including forcing you to develop, or outsource, missing ones :).

REGISTER NOW for this Saturday’s class! 

End 2015 on a high note, feeling great that you are making progress in going after your big dream. Take my class on Saturday. Set yourself up for a year of amazing transformation in 2016!

cheers to living the dream,