Black & Tan Cupcakes for St Patricks!

March 12th, 2015

SSweet Revenge Young's Double Chocolate Stout & Black & Tan Cupcakepring has sprung, and we are feelin’ the luck -o-the-Irish at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge®! We are so excited about putting winter behind us, we debuted our Black & Tan cupcake today, 5 days before St Patty’s. Our Black & Tan cupcake is made with Young’s Double Chocolate Stout cake, Chocovine Cream Cheese frosting and lightly dusted with cocoa powder. It comes as no surprise dear patrons that this St. Patrick’s day inspired dessert is paired with Young’s Double Chocolate stout and Chocovine.

May the leprechaun bring the springtime pot-o-gold to all!



Sweet Revenge in Business Insider for City’s Best Bakeries List!

March 11th, 2015

Sweet Revenge made Business Insider‘s 18 best bakeries in New York City. We cherish this sweet news and are delighted to be in such estimable company as Maman, Chikalicious, and Spot to name just a few of the delectable purveyors of pastries in NYC.  Although we are not a bakery, we take pride in pairing our delicious baked goods and desserts with wine and beer at our restaurant & wine bar.

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Marlo Scott on NTN 24

February 28th, 2015

Marlo Scott, Owner- Sweet Revenge & Julio Cesar Garcia Torrres - Chief Correspondent on NTN 24Owner Marlo Scott spoke with Chief Correspondent Julio Cesar Garcia Torres on the Lideres show on cable network NTN 24. They discussed Sweet Revenge, the challenges that small business owners face and of course cupcakes with wine and beer pairings!

Watch the tv clip in English:

Watch the full tv segment in Spanish:

Sweet Revenge Crimson & Cream Cupcake is #1 in NYC for Red Velvet on The Culture Trip!

February 12th, 2015

Sweet Revenge Crimson & Cream Cupcake, Raspberry Bellini & Belhaven beer pairingsThe Sweet Revenge®  Crimson & Cream cupcake is the #1 red velvet cake in NYC on The Culture Trip! We are in an estimable list of 5 places in town.  To say the least, this topic is highly charged, and the competition is fierce. We thank writer Clareese Hill for putting us in the ring of highly qualified contenders.  We’re feeling red devilly good that we came out on top.

We bake raspberries into our red velvet cake. We of course use cream cheese frosting. We dust our cream cheese with cinnamon & drizzle on raspberry coulis in zigzags. Our Crimson & Cream cupcake is paired with a raspberry bellini to pop the fruit. We also pair it with Belhaven, a creamy spicy sweet amber ale from Scotland, which goes crazy great with our cream cheese frosting.

If you’re feeling a little red devil-ish, we’ve got a spot at the bar just for you!

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Sweet Revenge Cupcakes & Wine are in GM’s Drive The District Mag!

February 9th, 2015

Sweet Revenge Dirty Cupcake with Sweet Smaak PinotageChocolate and booze…don’t those two words just roll off the tongue deliciously!?!! We are happy to be the #1 pick in GM’s magazine Drive the District!

Check out their mouthwatering photo of our Dirty cupcake (Valrhona cake, dark chocolate truffle, dusted with cocoa powder) paired with Sweet Smaak Pinotage and the sweet story on the best chocolate desserts and drinks for Valentine’s in NYC!

Read the story: 6 Ways to Pair Chocolate with Booze in NYC

Sweet Revenge® is A Kenneth Cole Fave Date Spot!

February 9th, 2015

I am thrilled that Kenneth Cole chose my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge® as a Fave Date Spot for Valentine’s Day for their stylin’ consumers. As a small business owner, it is an honor to be recognized by such a phenomenally successful brand and big company. I’m delighted they are charmed by the vibe and decor of my internationally-inspired place. For a critically acclaimed fashion industry icon to recommend my desserts & drinks for its Valentine’s campaign makes me feel red carpet fabulous!

The Kenneth Cole team recently photographed their models at mine on an early Sunday morning. They were an absolute pleasure to work with behind the scenes.  They are running a sweet Valentines contest on their social media. Follow them and put your name in their stylish hat ;) . Check out their incredible compliments and photos of our edible fashion (aka cupcakes, cheesecakes, bellinis & beer) at Sweet Revenge!

On their Instagram:

On their Twitter:

Join us with your loved one for the perfect pairings (beautiful imported wine & beers paired with our cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies & pies) on Valentine’s. Or celebrate LOVE anytime at ours, as it is ALWAYS the right time to do that!

Cheers to great taste and style!


Seeing the Signs

January 18th, 2015

Sweet RevengeSince I opened my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge® in 2008, my very loving & supportive parents have nudged (nagged?! :) ) me about putting out a sign to make us easier to find. One would think this very logical suggestion and fairly straightforward project would be easily & quickly knocked off the to-do list. I chalk up the fact that this project is now on the Year 7 to-do list as the fault of a smallbiz gremlin or two :) . These slippery little suckers sneakily divert my attention to all kinds of distracting and pressing to-dos.

As new restaurants have moved onto charming Carmine street in Manhattan’s west village, I study their signage: height, dimensions, awning vs hanging, light lettering on dark background vs dark letters on a light background (please weigh in on what you think is most readable!), type of material, colors etc. It is not lost on me that virtually all of my fellow restaurateurs have noticeable and easy to read signs. The Sweet Revenge® logos on the door and on our white brick wall are incredibly visible, if you are directly in front of them or have bionic vision from across the street. Ahh yes, there so many signs all around me, giving me clues about what I need to do. And bless my parents who continue to bring up this project year after year :) .

Mom and dad, this one’s for you. I’m getting the outside sign made STAT.

“How very wet this water is.” ― L. Frank Baum, The Marvelous Land of Oz

cheers to the obvious and getting it done,


Let it Snow! We Have Mulled Wine!

January 6th, 2015

Sweet Revenge snowyAs I type this post, I am looking out on softly falling snow and a monotone gray sky. The start of 2015 is chilly – temps were 11F with the windchill last night and 20F right now. New Yorkers do not love the cold, and I’d venture that 80% of us own puffy coats :) . Once we have put up too many days back to back of nesting it in our small apartments, cabin fever descends and like magic, there is a happy flurry for me and my fellow restaurant owners of our patrons rejoining the land of the living.

January is the month for renewal, resolutions, & restarts aka excellence in gym attendance and diets both of the food varietal and the financial. As a small business owner, I am not a fan of January as 6 & 1/2 years in the restaurant industry have proven it is a countdown month. I am counting down the days until we are done with it. By February, peops are easing off of their new year’s resolutions and favoring a wee bit more indulgence. As a pusher of sugar, alcohol and internationally inspired comfort food, indulgence is my preference year-round :) .

My hubby G and I agreed that the arctic temps are really a blessing. We can combat the deep freeze, and we know how to warm up our patrons. We make an outrageoulsy delish mulled wine. Our Irish coffee and Irish hot chocolate are made with the absurdly decadent Chocovine, a chocolate red wine from Holland. Our spiked spiced cider is OFF THE HOOK yummy. As we already have our expectations properly managed and are cozied up with our warm boozy mugs, we are happy as clams to get bad weather and fiscal & food diets out of the way in one fell swoop in the first month of the 2015. In other words, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Let’s dump buckets of Frosty the snowman this month! When February hits and Valentine’s magic is aglow, our patrons will happily be abuzz out and about eating and drinking copiously, delighting in the (fingers crossed!) “better” weather. And all will be right and well in the world once again :) .

If cabin fever overwhelms, you find yourself saying bahhumbug to resolutions, you love playing in the cold, or if you are just so inclined, please join us for a cozy mug of mulled wine, oven baked cracked black pepper sea salt fries, a slice of turtle cheesecake or a cupcake or two :) .

cheers and happy new year!



December 29th, 2014

As a small business owner, I count my blessings for having the support of generous patrons and the lovely West Village community in NYC. As 2014 rounds down to a close and I take a lookback at the year, I have much to be thankful for. It is healthy to pause for a deep breath and reflect on all that is good in life. It is all too easy to get caught up in dramarama, and in 2014 we experienced a lot of ups and downs. Here’s my top 5 learnings, doors closing and opening, and blessings.

5. Diversifying Desserts – a work in progress :)

When I launched my restaurant and wine bar Sweet Revenge in Manhattan nearly 6 & 1/2 years ago, I deliberately designed the the business not to be tied to cupcakes, in the event tidalwave sized macro events went against that mini cake darling. Patron palettes change, tasty innovations are thankfully embraced, diets, seasonality, media coverage, demographic shifts and availability/accessibility can tip the scales favorably, or not, in the life of a restaurant owner. I am very glad that I made that business decision out of the gate. Over the years we have added what I jokingly refer to as “real food” menus. This year we began the process of focusing on our core skills. We decided to up the volume on our beautiful desserts and our unique place in the world as the only dessert, wine & beer pairings concept.  Although the following seems simple, the hurdle of allocating time, money, staff and attention is ever the challenge for entrepreneurs. We started simple. We add a cheesecake of the day, complete of course with wine & beer pairings. What a delicious undertaking! We offer 5 different cheesecake flavors for custom order and feature one cheesecake as the day’s special:

Stay tuned for tasty dessert happenings in 2015.  Du jour offerings will include pies, cakes, cookie bars and other sweet treats. Prepare now for seriously sugarbuzzing in the new year with us!

4. Fighting the Good Fight: Department of Health Standards & Procedures

As patrons in NYC, the letter grade on the front of all restaurants is an instant identifier of quality and trust. I take great pride in maintaining an A since I’ve been opened and thanks goes to staff for making that a daily reality. I won’t sugar coat this process. It is extremely hard to do. We have highly detailed, comprehensive daily DoH checklists for the staff. It is the right and only way to run a restaurant. However, that being said, the health inspection isn’t always rational, sane or reasonable and often times takes a turn into madness. Talk to any restaurant owner in NYC and they will share some tales that will make your head spin at the unbelievably unfair things that happen. NYC has probably the world’s most demanding health standards related to food safety. I’m a proponent of this as it serves the public’s interest.  The reality in restaurants is that everything is human dependent. Humans make mistakes. Most of the time these errors are simple, easily fixable and wouldn’t cause any harm to anyone. An example from my last inspection: while my chef was cracking eggs and had asked the inspector for a few minutes of time while she finished the task, one egg shell, out of an entire carton (36 eggs to a flat), fell on the floor as she was tossing the shells into the trash bin by her side. The inspector sighted the eggshell as an indication of having debris on our kitchen floor and not properly maintaining it.  We went to court and presented photos of the floor, copies of our DoH procedures, receipts for new lids for trash bins and testified as to the exact happenings that day during the inspection. Thankfully justice prevailed and the judge sided with us, dismissing the charge and the fine. We do the right things by patrons and take the DoH standards seriously. Having one’s NYC Food Safety License is a mandatory requirement for my chefs and bartenders. With everything that can go against you in small business, it is essential to stand up for what you know is right, insisting on the highest of standards by employees and voicing the truth when your small business reputation is on the line.  Go to bat for yourself fellow small business owners. You owe it to yourself to fight the good fight.

3. Doors Closing…And Opening

Seven restaurants within one block of Sweet Revenge failed this year. For the sheer fact that we survived what other long term, beloved spots did not, I am so thankful. I attribute the restaurant closings to a shift in neighborhood demographics and rents that are way too high to support the reality of sparse foot traffic.  The corner of the west village where this has taken place has very little foot traffic, and this year has experienced a palpable decrease. We lost many regulars who worked at companies headquartered a few blocks away when their companies exited leases for more attractive midtown rents. The west village, while a precious place to live, is notorious for high rents and small spaces, making it ripe for patrons to love and then leave the neighborhood in search for a better quality of life (ie less rent, larger space = simple math). When a block goes quiet and there’s a lot of open commercial space, it becomes less inviting for folks to stroll down it. In my business, there are safety in numbers, so we are eager to see these commercial vacancies filled. Having yummy neighbors is a good thing. They provide reasons and buzz to bring patrons to the community, and that is helpful to all small business owners who make their living in the vicinity. Although there are sadly still holes, including one next door to us and two more at the end of our block, a few new beautiful venues have sprouted up. We wish them much success and are hopeful that their presence will be a present to all of us who love and cherish Carmine and Bedford streets. These changes in our neighborhood have inspired us to look at simplifying, overhauling some of our menus and brainstorming ways to get our products out into the world.  Bring on the new year!

2. Candles, Incense, Home Diffusers, Lip Balms, Perfume & Lotion oh My!

AKA my most fave new addition to the Sweet Revenge family! I got into making soy candles, beeswax lipbalms, good smelling products for the home and yummy scented lotions and a roll on perfume in 2014 (the original inspiration Sweet Revenge for Her perfume launched in spring 2012). I had a ball bringing these to life. I joke with my folks that I love doing arts and crafts and would like to do it for a living! It is feelgood and joyful to make deliciously fragrant home, bath and body products. I make everything from scratch from recipes I tinkered with in the kitchen at Sweet Revenge, using beautiful ingredients. You can buy these products at Sweet Revenge Shop online or stop in at 62 Carmine to get them in person! Stay tuned for our etsy store in 2015!

1. Support of My Loved Ones

My biggest learning in 2104 was a simple beautiful reminder. I am truly blessed to have the love, support and rahrah cheerleading of my family and friends.  Hubby Gur and I are going into 2015 hand-in-hand shoulder-to-shoulder to pursue our goals. My dear galpals offer up help and awesome ideas. My mom and dad, brother Matt & sister-in-law Brandy exude positivity, sending me good thoughts each day and reminding me of the importance of being kind to and taking care of myself (and doing meditation!). We have so many patrons who support our dream and who truly love Sweet Revenge.  I am leaving 2014 on a note of gratitude.

Wishing a happy, prosperous and healthy 2015 to all,



Behind the Scenes: ABC World News Now at Sweet Revenge for National Cupcake Day!

December 15th, 2014
Sweet Revenge Nog Cupcake

Sweet Revenge Nog Cupcake

I count my blessings as a small business owner. Several weeks ago, I heard from ABC World News Now producer Janine Elliot who reached out to discuss the possibility of being featured on their show for National Cupcake Day. I asked how she knew about my restaurant & wine bar, Sweet Revenge®. She explained she’d researched the best of the best in cupcakes and Sweet Revenge was tops on the list. What an honor!

We talked about ideas for the tv segment, and then I sent her a brief pitch on how we could feature the making of our holiday cupcake The Nog (eggnog cake, spiced cream cheese frosting, grated nutgmeg dusted on top) and taking show host Tina Trinh through our cupcake, wine & beer pairings.

To film a segment efficiently, we deploy some smarty prep up tricks. We mise out batter and frosting ingredients ie have them pre-measured out and ready for filming. We bake off a tray of cupcakes that doubles as b-roll for when the producers want to pull a freshly baked tray coming out of the oven, and its also used when demonstrating our decorating techniques. ABC World News Now Filming at Sweet RevengeOur frosting is at the appropriate temperature for easy decorating along with a filled piping bag. We plan out the cupcake, wine and beer pairings in advance with the show host so there is a smooth, organized work flow and everyone is on the same page as to what to expect. What you see Chef Danielle Falcon doing on the segment in a flash requires her to do the legwork in advance.  She and I talk through the anticipated order of events for the morning and any contingency plans that may be needed.

Marlo Scott & Tina Trinh ABC World News NowWhen it’s time to do the pairings, we pick out the “beauty shots”, ie the creme de la creme of our cupcakes (yes, it’s true there are some that are better looking than others….but they all taste the same, ha!) and we get just the right angle for the camera lens. Our signature rustic parchment paper and mohawk design require just the right positioning to look maximum delicious for the camera. Who woulda thunk that making some cupcakes and having a silly good time enjoying them with booze would require planning?! Indeed, we leave very little to chance when doing these amazing show segments.

It’s always such a good giggle when the show host tries the cupcakes with their wine & beer pairings and gets that “a-ha” look on their face acknowledging they taste the magic. I LOVE creating that moment.

Working with producer Janine & show host Tina Trinh at ABC World News Now was such fun and they were a delight to work with. Although they couldn’t try the alcohol on camera, I convinced them to take a sip and a bite afterward, guilting them with the fact that we were just going to sadly throw everything out after they left! They loved the pairings, and I received lovely emails afterward about the filming.

Yesterday we dropped off cupcakes  to ABC’s studios so that on-air show hosts Reena Ninan and TJ Holmes could enjoy them during the segment that aired early this morning. I’m eternally grateful to ABC World News Now for choosing Sweet Revenge for their Insomniac Kitchen show today.

Celebrate National Cupcake Day today December 15th by joining me for our outrageous cupcake, wine & beer pairings! I think every day should be celebrated with a cupcake, and a wine or beer pairing of course :) )!