Sweet Revenge® Wine Slushies in Metro New York!

June 13th, 2016

Sweet Revenge Wine SlushiesWe are honored our Sweet Revenge® wine slushies aka vino granitas have made the attention of Metro New York! On these fiery hot summer days and nights in NYC, cool down with our fruity, icy cold, wine-based cocktails. Splish splash in a glass!

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Sweet Revenge is Top 10 Spot in NYC for Boozy Desserts in The Culture Trip!

May 4th, 2016

We are thrilled to be in the Top 10 spots in NYC for boozy desserts according to The Culture Trip! We agree with their excellent taste – our wine & beer pairings for our cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies & more are the perfect combination of booze & sugar!

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Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride with Brian Sweany

May 4th, 2016
Marlo Scott Brian Sweany Buy the Ticket Take the RIde

Marlo Scott with hometown friend & Author Brian Sweany

Staying connected to my roots is important to me. Although I don’t get home often or as much as I’d like, I marvel at the lifelong friendships I have thanks to growing up in Columbus, Indiana. I recently had the awesome fortune to host my friend Brian Sweany‘s book signing for Buy the Ticket Take the Ride at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge in NYC. Brian’s third book is based on his life growing up in our small town in southern Indiana and his personal journey. You gotta read it. This guy is going places. He will be on the best seller list and have his own hollywood movie. I think actor Jeremy Renner deserves a crack at playing the lead character, what do you think? 🙂

Life was simpler way back when. Big hair, 80s tunes, it was all so very friday night lights in my small home town. My nostalgia gets the best of me whenever I reminisce about how easy life was as a kid. You just don’t know then how good you’ve got it until it fades away to precious memories. When I visit home, it seems quiet and peaceful and simple and good compared to the hustlebustle insanity and chaos of NYC.  They say you can always go back home. But can you really? Would the sameness be the thing that reminds you why you left and why you are where you are?

Brian Sweany Buy the ticket Take the Ride book signingAs I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the good values, work ethic, family first (vs work) way of living instilled in me from growing up in southern Indiana decades ago. I crave the normalness of it all and what I perceive to be its simplicity. I hope one day in the not too distant future to create that reality for me and G. I’ve got a journey and a transformation ahead with good ole sweet revenge and am deep in a new chapter as an entrepreneur.

I’m really proud of Brian and impressed by all that he has accomplished. Not only is he inspiring, he’s honestly just a good salt-of-the-earth person, an amazing husband and devoted dad. He’s funny as hell, a clever writer and mega talented. Please buy Brian’s book Buy the Ticket Take the Ride and support my fellow dreamer and doer.

cheers to good friends, good times, good memories & big hair,


New! “Insanewich” Lunch Special & New Years Resolutions!

January 11th, 2016
Sweet Revenge pastrami swiss and chipotli aioli sandwich

Sweet Revenge pastrami swiss and chipotli aioli sandwich

What I love about the start of a new year are all the new beginnings I embrace. It’s exciting to know change is happening. Change is good. Change is for the best. I am optimistic about the many behind-the-scenes projects I’ve been working on at Sweet Revenge, my restaurant & wine bar in NYC. I’ve been nurturing some for more than 6 months; others are lightbulb “aha” ideas conceived last month.

One project will deliver transformational change for my small business, and I am on pins and needles to hurry and up get there :). I know there’s no speeding up time, but I truly am thrilled about what’s in the strategic hopper in 2016. Here’s a hint: cupcake inspired gelato!

Today we made a seemingly small change that I know will have a big impact. We debuted our “Insanewich” Lunch Special. For $9.95, we’re serving up delectable sandwiches on house-made, fresh-baked artisan breads, plus a pickle & chips & a FREE CUPCAKE. Hows that for a crazy fun way to kick off 2016?!?!! When my mom came to visit at Christmas, my hubby G and I were brainstorming about 2016 plans. We were digging up old ideas looking for new gems and shared this sandwich one with her. We are happy today to raise a glass to celebrate to this delicious, “sinwich” special.

In the next week or two we are embracing technology that has been on the market for years: online ordering for pickup and delivery. I am so tardy to this party it’s embarrassing. However, that’s life as an entrepreneur. You juggle many balls, hoping to keep them all up in the air. The reality is you drop a few or you miss out on juggling ones you should because you’re probably juggling rings of fire or swords. “Better late than never to the party bus” I say! 🙂 I’ll blog soon about the apps you can order from while workin’ away at the office or chillin’ out in your pjs from your couch.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of 365 page of book. So write a good one.” (Brad Paisley)

cheers to new beginnings, embracing change, all good things and a delicous 2016!


So You Want to Open a Cafe…Perfect Timing for My 12/5 “How to Open a Bakery / Cafe” Class!

December 3rd, 2015

Marlo Scott at Sweet Revenge windowbayIt’s hard to believe we are in December already! With the end of the year rolling near, it means the new year is on the horizon and on my brain. I’m excited to make serious progress on a major initiative (otherwise known as a big ole dream aka goal) I’ve been working on for the last 6 months. This year sets the stage for next year’s act and fabulous transformation. Many of my friends have shared with me how this year has been one of prep, planning and taking the plunge for major life changes.

If you’ve got a big dream of opening up a cafe, bakery, food based business or restaurant, take my “How to Open a Cafe/Bakery” class this Saturday December 5th at Sweet Revenge 8a-10. I share concrete, actionable steps about the milestones necessary in bringing your beautiful concept to life. I share tips and tricks, and I never sugarcoat the process. I’m a firm believer that candid and frank conversation is invaluable to learning and making decisions. I have always appreciated it myself and so that’s my philosophy in what I share about the path of opening and running your own small business. The journey of transitioning to being an entrepreneur is exciting, a roller coaster and challenges every level and dimension of your skill sets, including forcing you to develop, or outsource, missing ones :).

REGISTER NOW for this Saturday’s class! 

End 2015 on a high note, feeling great that you are making progress in going after your big dream. Take my class on Saturday. Set yourself up for a year of amazing transformation in 2016!

cheers to living the dream,


Marlo Scott Makes Sweet Revenge Mulled Cider with Ashley Bellman on WNBC’s New York Live!

November 4th, 2015

Ashley Bellman Marlo Scott WNBC New York LiveOwner Marlo Scott had a fabulous time teaching Ashley Bellman how we make our mulled apple cider at Sweet Revenge®. Ashley tried the wine and beer pairings with our Pumpkin Trifecta – pumpkin spice Belgian waffles with whipped cream cheese, cinnamon & toasted pumpkin seeds; pumpkin savory cake with parmesan cheese & chipotle spices; and pumpkin spice cheesecake.

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Fall Harvest Pop-Up Dinner Planning: Behind the Scenes in SmallBiz

October 27th, 2015

Fall Harvest Pop Up Dinner at Sweet RevengeOh the dramedy of doing a facebook event for my first ever Fall Harvest Pop-Up dinner at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge® in NYC. Yesterday one by one I tried to select all 2378 facebook friends. #insane #notveryefficient #laboroflove. At the 498th person somewhere with a D in their name, Facebook said I’d reached my max so I hit send thinking ‘Cool, I’ll just select the next 498 FB friends and do this like 5 times”. WRONG.

498 is the maximum guests for a facebook event period. In a genius upsell move, facebook suggested I buy an ad to promote my popup dinner. Oyvay! Boy oh boy was this was a serious ooops on my part! In hindsight coulda woulda shoulda I would’ve have invited the NY area group of of Facebook friends so I could have had a better shot at it being a touch more relevant to the audience. Doh!

Oh the lessons we learn in small business. If I would’ve taken a few minutes to read up on facebook events I could’ve avoided this idiotic maneuver. C’est la vie. Instead I’ve been inspired to develop an app that works around this persnickety facebook event guest limit and am looking forward to being bought out for gazillions. https://www.facebook.com/events/728903073921056/

I hope you join me November 16th at 7p for my decadent Fall Harvest feast at Sweet Revenge®. It’s truely going to be magnificent. Remember – it’s one night only so hurry & buy your tickets in advance for just $125! Seating is limited and reservations are required. After November 2, tickets are $140. Get your Early Bird Tickets Now!


“You can’t plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind.” (Gordon B Hinckley)


Marlo Scott

Marlo Scott is Going to Be A Keynote Speaker for the SUCCESS Women’s Conference!

October 13th, 2015

Marlo Scott SUCCESS Women's Conference Biloxi 103115Marlo Scott, Owner of Sweet Revenge®, is thrilled to be speaking on October 31 at the SUCCESS Women’s Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi. Presented by Gulf Coast Woman Magazine and Lighthouse Business & Professional Women, the all-day event is honoring 40 finalists and celebrating their achievements. The conference theme is Inspired. Enriched. Mentored.

To learn more about the 40 honorees and details for the event, visit:

Gulf Coast Woman Facebook Page

Buy Tickets

SUCCESS Women’s Conference Facebook Event Page

Planning our 1st Ever Fall Harvest Pop-Up Dinner at Sweet Revenge

October 7th, 2015

Marlo Scott, Serena Chow, David Fisher at Sweet RevengeRecently I was approached by Serena Chow, who holds the awww-factor title of being my first ever kitchen intern, about an exciting opportunity to host a Fall Harvest Pop-Up Dinner at Sweet Revenge. I immediately jumped on board that pumpkin laden bandwagon :). I invited Serena and her fellow chef boyfriend David Fisher to discuss their brilliant idea over breakfast at my restaurant & wine bar.

A bit of background on Serena: she and I originally crossed paths at Sweet Revenge nearly 7 years ago when she was one of my lovely patrons when I first opened. Later (in her words) she became my stalker. As a student at NYU back then, she studied for a semester in Italy and had her Eat, Pray, Love experience with gelato and pasta. When she returned, she easily convinced me to take her on as an intern in the kitchen so she could match her enthusiasm with real-world work. She was a star from her earliest days and went from unpaid intern to full-time paid chef over the course of about a year. Her natural talent, intelligence-in-action, and passion turned me into her champion. I encouraged her to attend pastry school. Her parents insisted she graduate from NYU first. As soon as she checked that box, she attended the prestigious French Culinary Institute (now known as the International Culinary Center). She has amassed impressive experience working at Quality Meats, for Angela Pinkerton at the Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park, as pastry chef at Pearl & Ash and is currently rocking it with exquisite desserts as the Pastry Chef of Kat & Theo here in NYC.

During my breakfast meeting with Serena & David, I learned about David’s impressive culinary resume (has worked at 3 Michelin starred restaurants! Jean-Georges, Aldea & Aquavit!), graduated from Johnson & Wales and got his start at his family’s restaurant slinging and perfecting grilled cheese at age 13. He is the Chef de Cuisine at Kat & Theo making artfully presented savory dishes. I learned about Serena & David’s success hosting two other pop-up dinners. They proposed to me their most ambitious menu, a 14-course extravaganza with seasonally inspired flavors and ingredients. We hashed out a tentative time-line and big picture to-dos.

A week later they sent a drool-worthy menu, and we met again to discuss. They tantalized me with ingredient details for each of the tasting course, and we determined how each dish would be plated. Serena and I met this past Sunday morning to brainstorm initial marketing for the event (poster, facebook event page, ticket product page on Sweet Revenge Shop.com). Bleary eyed from the prior night’s 1am close from her dinner shift, I coaxed Serena back into the land of the living with 2 redeyes, and we got clear on this week’s tactical to do’s. With the help of her dear and talented friend, Serena mocked up three poster options. We picked one design and sorted out changes today. I put together the Sweet Revenge Facebook events page and ticket page on SweetRevengeShop.com.

Next up: complete the poster’s final edits, print it at Kinko’s and put it up at Sweet Revenge®!

A working brunch is on the horizon, along with more than a few double espressos for Serena & David as we hammer out reaching out to the editorial community, spreading the word on all of our collective social media and doing an e-newsletter.  Stay tuned for the next delicious update as we continue to plan for the first ever Fall Harvest Pop-Up Dinner at my restaurant and wine bar!

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“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” Og Mandino

Cheers to Fall!


The Grease Trap, A POS Meltdown, 1 Thief & 2 Cops

September 25th, 2015

Small business is truly a wild ride. At 10:30pm on 9/14 my lovely responsible fabulous bartender Jen called to verify the grease trap cleaner’s visit was legit. Indeed I had set that service call up over a week ago and had to chase A&L (who do great work by the way) for the actual on-premise call. I had spaced telling her. Thankfully she called and confirmed and our grease trap became now shiny and new again….well at least cleared of fatbergs.

At 6:30am the next morning (9/15), my lovely responsible fabulous chef Damaris called to let me know our POS license was down and she couldn’t start it. Grumplestiltskon at that hour, I huffed and puffed about calling the 800 customer service line to fix what I could not at that hour.  At 7:30am I was in touch with our AMAZING rep Vanessa at our POS company who was on the case.

Hours later at 10a Vanessa and a new trainee were at mine fixing and updating and making the world a better place through functional restaurant technology.

At 2:55p that same afternoon, my brand new, fresh out of high school, sweet bartender Alyssa ran into my office, explaining she had just been robbed of all her cash tips! A lousy @$!@# fake patron aka thief asked for an order for our truffled mac n cheese. The minute Alyssa turned her back with the ticket for the kitchen, the woman snatched all her tips out of the tip jar and bolted.

At 4:15 pm, two awesome NYPD showed up and took the report. I showed them the video of the theft in action.

At 7p, my incredibly wonderful friends Cesar & Kristian helped figure out how to download the video file from the security camera and email the evidence to the NYPD.  I then treated my lovely pals to yummy thai food at a little joint around the corner from Sweet Revenge®. We finished off the night with some much needed cupcakes & bubbles back at mine.

Wise words from Grateful Dead’s Truckin: “Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”