Power Fuel Up with Us for Your Power Shopping on Black Friday!

November 28th, 2014

Sweet Revenge Signature Burger with JarlsbergThe biggest shopping day of the years demands energy, your gameface and mega resilience to brave manic crowds for all the insane deals. Fuel up on this chilly day with our mouth watering Signature burgers, outrageous Belgian waffles with bellini & beer pairings, and our hearty chicken pot pie skillet.  And of course it goes without saying, a little sugar buzz ala our cupcakes is frankly just good for your inner shopper’s soul :) .

My restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge® is hear for all your fuel up needs. We will help you power through Black Friday shopping!

cheers & happy power (eating) & shopping!


Sex & Cupcakes: Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Book Launch Party!

November 13th, 2014

Rachel Kramer Bussel Sex & Cupcakes Book Launch Party at Sweet RevengeWe are thrilled to host the “Sex & Cupcakes” book launch party of acclaimed cupcake expert & erotica writer Rachel Kramer Bussel. Join us on Monday 11/17/14 from 6-8p to meet this accomplished, successful & incredibly talented author and co-founder of Cupcakes Take The Cake.

From 6-7p, her Publisher Thought Catalog is generously sponsoring an open bar, the first 24 cupcakes and giving away 25 of Rachel’s e-books.

Rachel will be signing post cards of her e-book cover. This is a must attend event.  Sign up now at Rachel’s Facebook event page!

See you at this fabulous night celebrating her juicy collection of essays!

Sex & Cupcakes Book Launch Party with Rachel Kramer Bussel
Nov 17, 2014 6-8p
Sweet Revenge
62 Carmine Street, btwn Bedford & 7th Ave, West Village
NYC, NY 10014

BUY TIX NOW! Halloween Fright Night Bash at Sweet Revenge!

October 15th, 2014

Halloween 2014 Party at Sweet RevengeJoin us for a KILLER Halloween at Sweet Revenge®!  We’re the only joint in NYC with unlimited cupcakes, an open bar (select wines & beer), spooky sangria & deadly salty bar snacks for just $45 (pre-fixe 8-10p; party goes until 2a or the last ghoul standing). Buy in advance and save yourself $5 BLOODY bucks at the door.

Don’t be SPOOKED by eating a HORROR show of cupcakes & drinking CREEPY CRAWLY sangria. Yes, this is TERRIFYING. Only the skilled & the fierce will dare enter FRIGHT NIGHT at Sweet Revenge® on Friday, October 31st, 2014!

NYC’s famous Halloween parade is just 2 short blocks away at 6th ave.  Watch it start and then get your FREAK ON with us!

BUY TIX NOW for only $45!  $50 at the door btwn 8-10p for pre-fixe.  $20 cover after $10p. Tickets are limited, so don’t miss out! BUY NOW!

Must be 21 or older to buy tickets and enter. Once purchased, payment is NON REFUNDABLE. Sales tax added to final order.

Sweet Revenge
62 Carmine Street (btwn Bedford & 7th Ave, WEST VILLAGE)
NYC, NY 10014

Getting our A at Sweet Revenge

October 6th, 2014

Marlo Scott A Grade at Sweet Revenge in NYCIn small business, you are held accountable, and rightly so, to standards that are in the best interests of employees, customers, and your local community. In NYC, we undergo a rigorous scrutiny by the Department of Health (DoH) every year. Talk to any restaurant owner in town, and they will share their war wounds and the whispers about epic inspections at other establishments. NYC has a letter grade system that results in the inspector placing a prominently displayed grade card on the restaurant front so everyone knows their review.

We recently had our inspection at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge®, and I’m pleased as punch to brag we got an A. I’ve had an A since I opened 6 years ago; however, every year it has gotten more difficult and the inspections are ever more relentless.  I have an open kitchen, so 100% of the time everyone can see into our operations. Downstairs in the basement, I can confidently invite guests in, also at any time. I can assure you that this is uncommon in my industry. What makes me confident is that my staff uses a Department of Health checklist I created for them.  This form is based on the city’s Department of Health guidelines and feedback from my many conversations with inspectors through the years. My front of house ie bartenders/baristas, back of house ie chefs and the facilities crew accomplish their DoH responsibilities upon arrival every day. A closing checklist ensures cleanliness at the end of the shifts and end of the night.

When I was growing up, I took great pride in studying hard and getting straight As. No amount of  studying can prepare you for one of these DoH inspections. Getting an A requires a full-team effort giving a full-court press every day without fail. I appreciate my wonderful staff for taking these standards seriously and upholding them. Although these checklists don’t make me a popular boss, they teach staff to hold themselves to the highest standards and not accept less. This will serve them well as they embark on their own entrepreneurial paths down the road or work anywhere else.

I think Anthony J D’Angelo sums it up perfectly: “Set high standards and few limitations for yourself.”

High five fabulous team-o-mine! Thank you for doing a marvelous job!






Halloween Fright Night Party at Sweet Revenge®!

October 3rd, 2014

Halloween 2014 Party at Sweet Revenge

Join us for a KILLER Halloween at Sweet Revenge®!  We’re the only joint in NYC with unlimited cupcakes, an open bar (select wines & beer), spooky sangria & deadly salty bar snacks for just $45 (pre-fixe 8-10p; party goes until 2a or the last ghoul standing). Buy in advance and save yourself $5 BLOODY bucks at the door.

Don’t be SPOOKED by eating a HORROR show of cupcakes & drinking CREEPY CRAWLY sangria. Yes, this is TERRIFYING. Only the skilled & the fierce will dare enter FRIGHT NIGHT at Sweet Revenge® on Friday, October 31st, 2014!

NYC’s famous Halloween parade is just 2 short blocks away at 6th ave.  Watch it start and then get your FREAK ON with us!

BUY TIX NOW for only $45!  $50 at the door btwn 8-10p for pre-fixe.  $20 cover after $10p.

Must be 21 or older to buy tickets and enter. Once purchased, payment is NON REFUNDABLE.

Sweet Revenge
62 Carmine Street (btwn Bedford & 7th Ave, WEST VILLAGE)
NYC, NY 10014


Sweet Revenge Candles Inspired By Our Cupcakes!

August 27th, 2014

Sweet Revenge Dirty Candle & Dirty CupcakeIt brings me endless joy to take a big whiff of our Sweet Revenge® candles. They are outrageously delicious, and and they smell amazingly like our cupcakes at my restaurant & wine bar! I picked the Pure (Mexican Vanilla), Dirty (Dark Chocolate Truffle) and Fleur de Sel (Salted Caramel) to start my collection since these are popular cupcakes.

I made these candles using a beautiful soy wax in the kitchen at Sweet Revenge®. The quilted glass jars are quite special. They are recycled from my wedding when I used them as wedding favors for a delicious triple berry jam.

For the Dirty candle, I sprinkled the top with our lovely Valrhona cocoa powder, the same rich dark chocolate used for our Dirty cupcake. The scent is intoxicating.  Rich and luxurious deep dark chocolate notes waft, even as the candle is unlit. I apologize you cannot eat it! As consolation, have a Dirty cupcake :) .

My new candles are available for sale at Sweet Revenge and online at SweetRevengeShop.com. Unlike our cupcakes, we do indeed ship our candles!

“When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile” (Regina Brett)

Cheers to living life deliciously!


Behind the scenes scoop: Belgian Waffle, wine & beer pairings!

August 18th, 2014

Sweet Revenge Red Velvet Belgian Waffles, wine & beer pairingIt’s a handy life survival skill knowing the art of pairing booze and food :) .  I consider this one of my special talents, and I’m proud to say it sure beats patting myself on the back for mastering an excel or powerpoint trick during my ole corporate days.  Most recently at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge® in NYC, I followed my bartender Charysh’s advice to incorporate our wine & beer pairings onto the brunch menu. I decided to keep it simple to start, knowing we can expand the recommendations in time. So to start, we offer Belgian waffle, wine & beer pairs for brunch and weekday breakfast. I count my blessings for my business savvy & thoughtful staff.  Thank you Charysh for the suggestion and the offer to help me figure them out!

Developing an expertise in this tasty skill is certainly one of my most fave job responsibilities. With 100% confidence, its my staff’s fave to-do with me as well :) . When I developed the pairings for our Mexican vanilla, Red Velvet & Blueberry Belgian waffles, my chef Danielle and I tasted and sipped our way through bellinis, various wines, bubblies and beers around the world.  Tough day at the office I like to joke. Although we’ve been doing cupcake, wine & beer pairings for the past 6 years, I recognize that as a small business owner, I have to keep innovating, providing my lovely patrons with more reasons to stay loyal and in love with my restaurant & wine bar.  Pictured are our outrageous red velvet Belgian waffles (yes! inspired by our Crimson & Cream cupcakes) paired with Belhaven from Scotland and a delightful vanilla bellini.

It’s a constant dance as an entrepreneur, and I’m always learning new moves.  Since the beginning of the year 6 restaurants have failed within 1 block of me. It’s a bit mind-blowing this is happening in year 6 of being in business in my charming and affluent west village neighborhood. My hubby Gurhan and I recently strolled up Bleecker street (a main artery in the village and a massive tourist attraction which is one block away (and yet a universe) from Sweet Revenge®).  This street is also a ghost town of commercial vacancies.  I’m only sort of joking that the art of pairing food & alcohol is a life survival skill. This has been SR’s point of differentiation, and it’s helping us hang in there.

I’m on the hook for letting the editorial community know about these delicious new developments. I’ll keep ya posted so stay tuned for more behind the scenes scoop on their reaction. In the meantime, please come & try & enjoy for yourself. They’re available 7 days a week for breakfast & brunch (and breakfast is served through 2:30p M-F!). Please spread the word, share the love and keep your fabulous social media shoutouts comin’. They’re a huge help, and I really appreciate all the support for my small business.

Cheers to deliciousness,


CONFESSIONS of A Small Business Owner: To-Do Lists

August 1st, 2014

Recently Jason Womack, an incredibly generous & very inspiring irregular regular of mine visited my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge®.  Jason lives in Ojai, California and is an author, coach, speaker & expert in productivity excellence. I am blessed that when he is in NYC consulting with clients, he makes Sweet Revenge® one of his home-away-from-home bases. Jason dropped off his book Your Best Just Got Better filled with thoughtful handwritten notes. I’ve been engrossed ever since, folding the corners of A-ha pages during my subway rides.  In the book, Jason talks about MITs – Most Important Things. He challenges his readers to consider the traits & skills that have gotten them to the present and if these same traits & skills can take them to the next level.

Your Best Just Got Better by Jason WomackI don’t get anything done unless I put it on paper. Writing down my to-do gets them out of my head and into my hands.  Literally. While I’ve been reading Jason’s empowering book, I’ve been examining my to-do lists. They are very action and verb-oriented, and they are 100% focused on nuts & bolts of running the business day-to-day. Stuff like: update the powerpoint menu, update the website photos, post a blog, review credit card reports, review vendor payment vs credit received, follow up with xyz patron re: wedding cake/gestational diabetes friendly cake, send staff email re: waffles now are served with wine & beer pairings & a side of bacon. Yes, all stuff that is necessary to keep things ticking and tocking and steady state. Guess what’s noticeably absent on the list? There isn’t a single item that will ever change the game. And yet I dream of bigger things for my small business. I can’t believe the big picture aka my Most Important Things never make the cut on paper.

When I had that A-ha moment over this past weekend, I made a commitment to prioritize my MITs. First things first – I made myself sit down and write for the first two hours of Monday morning about what exactly those suckers are. I felt Tony the Tiger GRREAAAT after completing that exercise.  I spent the next two days devoting my first hours of the day to the big picture. I did not let email, social media posts and nuts & bolts distract me. I gave pure focused energy and attention to my MITs. WOW. The momentum is palpable, and I’m  really excited. For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m focusing on the right things smartly.

I am so excited about this development, I needed to share the love & the learnings. Pick up a copy of Jason Womack’s book!

cheers to actualizing on the Most Important Things!


A Few Thoughts on the Crumbling of Crumbs and Life in Small Business

July 14th, 2014

Sweet Revenge Pure cupcakeWith the recent announcement of the closure of Crumbs, a cupcakery that got its start in 2003 on the upper west side of NYC that became a public company in 2011, I’ve heard lots of buzz, shock, awe, horror and opinions from friends and patrons.  It’s the end of the cupcake era! The cupcake bubble has burst!

To be blunt, a business model that relies on selling a $3 item and its own brick & mortar requires crazy volume. This is very tricky to pull off. The wrong location, excessive overhead (ie taking on a larger location that whats needed), and overstaffing can keep a business upside down until its last breath. There’s a blessing and a curse being out in front, and Crumbs was the leader of the pack in going big. The blessing of being first is attaining that proverbial “first mover’s advantage”, getting in before others do. The curse of being first & having hysterical success is that its possible to attribute success to the wrong factors. The truth gets revealed when like-conditions are not maintained. And sometimes, the truth just isn’t very pretty, especially in the not always sweet world of desserts.

When I concocted the business plan and brand of Sweet Revenge®, my restaurant & wine bar, I wanted it to be experience based, not reliant on any one particular product. I’d read about the success and failure of Krispy Kreme and wanted to steer clear of that unsavory trajectory.  Big things can go against you in small business that are far out of your control. I built in flexibility in the event the cupcake fad turned into a cupcake fade.

By no means am I saying I’ve got it all figured out and have perfected the business model. Quite the opposite. I’ve stayed really small and not because I want to. Location, location, location. If I would’ve had beginner’s luck & a heftier appetite for rent risk, I might’ve chosen a well trafficked location on Bleecker street or one on the upper west. My hunch says I would’ve achieved brilliant financials, but I wouldn’t have known that those were largely due to phenomenal foot traffic. Proof: there’s a lot of mediocre establishments in primo locations doing seemingly well. Their financial success has nothing to do with the service they provide, their menu or their ambiance.

It’s important in small business to look out for the what-ifs and have contingency plans. By doing so, I babystepped my way from dessert & wine bar to restaurant & wine bar. Its a tricky transition asking yoru patrons to think of you and treat you as something different from what they’ve known you for. Having the resilience of a tortoise, patience, a commitment to excellence and an appetite for the long distance race come in handy. I make a lot of mistakes as an entrepreneur but manalive do I “note to self” myself.  And I keep going.

I’m not shocked that Crumbs didn’t make it. I was more shocked when they went public. Fundamentally, the business model has to be sound. As a business owner you’re on the hook to nail the crazy tidal wave of factors that create and sustain success. Similarly you’re on the hook to fix what’s broken and to look out ahead to avoid Krispy Kreming or Crumbing your business.

“Failure is a great teacher” (Steve Harvey)





Fireworks & Magic

July 3rd, 2014

Marlo making Sweet Revenge candlesWhat a whirlwind week it has been! For quite some time in my “spare time” I’ve been noodling away at very yummy Sweet Revenge® branded lifestyle products.  The process has been pure joy. I’ve been concocting, daydreaming, researching and planning. And FINALLY I’ve gotten around to the doing :) !  From the earliest days in my 2007 business plan and for the last 6 years, I have believed hand-on-heart that the deliciousness inherent in the brand could be expressed in all kinds of fragrant & stylish ways beyond the outrageous food & dessert we make at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge®.

We’ve been selling Sweet Revenge® perfume, apparel and some gorgeous cards with the bird on them for years, so I’m familiar with the build it and they will come philosophy of Field of Dreams. However in the real world, possibly unlike American baseball (or presently FIFA world cup :) ), you can’t just build something and expect it will go and grow on its own. You’ve gotta nurture it and give it love, resources, time and attention and focus. My day-to-day reality as an entrepreneur is that there’s a lot of moving parts that take a hunk of that time, love and focus, and it’s just not possible to do it all at the same time.

When facing a deadline, super powers activate. Time compresses & magic happens. I stared down an intellectual property deadline, knowing I needed to get out of my own way and get ‘er done. Missing the deadline costs money for the lawyers to file extensions with the USPTO. Been there done that. No need to repeat feeling crummy for not being on my a-game in managing my time and limited resources. Its an interesting coincidence that I got over the finish line this week and July 4th is tomorrow. What a perfect pairing: sparklers in the sky and all the giddy good feelings of bringing these magical beauties to life.

I took inspiration from our cupcake flavors and as a staunch proponent of quality, I used gorgeous raw ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, Japanese peppermint essential oil and vitamin E among many others. Here’s just a few of the items I’ve been making. They’re on the website www.SweetRevengeShop.com. By next week, Fleur de Sel (salted caramel) and Dirty (dark chocolate) candles and Pure Peppermint lip balm will be available. YUM!

Sweet Revenge Reed Diffuser OilSweet Revenge Pure Body ButterSweet Revenge Pure candleSweet Revenge necklace





















Cheers to fireworks and magic in your life and Happy 4th of July!