Doors, Old and New

June 15th, 2017

Marlo Scott at Sweet Revenge windowbayA door closes, a door opens. I’ve had a phenomenal 10 year run as an entrepreneur with my beautiful restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge in NYC’s most charming West Village. I count my many blessings for all the friends I’ve made, patrons’ special life occasions I’ve shared, and the incredibly generous support of the editorial community for all the press they’ve gifted me since I opened the doors to my small business in 2008. Thank you all for your love, kindness, positivity, enthusiasm and support near and far. We permanently closed the doors at 62 Carmine in June 2017. Live life deliciously my friends.

Cheers to opening a new door and the next adventure.

With gratitude and love,


Kenny Rogers & Donut Holes

May 7th, 2017

mexican vanilla donut holesAs a small business owner in NYC, I am up against serious macro factors that are causing brick & mortar retail giants to fail. The tsunami in NYC crushing independent businesses is driven by those challenges, a grossly negligent local and state government, its anti-business regulatory environment, and landlords that extract all profits with egregious rents. Daily in the press, I read about restaurants failing, small businesses closing due to skyrocketing leases, and the shocking shuttering of long standing establishments because the economics don’t work.

I’m coming up on the end of my 10 year commercial lease. My how time flies. It’s phenomenal to me that more than a decade has gone by since being laid off from my corporate job. I’ve been blessed to create my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge® in NYC, bringing together a community of kind and good hearted people and getting to share special life occasions with my friends, family, staff and patrons.  I count my blessings that my unique approach to pairing wines and beers with desserts has been generously supported by the editorial community since I opened. Countless good things have happened at 62 Carmine street.

Although the highs are high, I’ve never glamorized my life as an entrepreneur. I’m a straight shooter when asked. I believe the best advice I can give to those with entrepreneurial aspirations is honest, candid and frank.  It has been a challenging roller coaster for a decade straight.  For three years running, my charming west village block has gone ghost town quiet. The only other two restaurants on my street went out of business a couple of years ago, leaving my restaurant with the only lights on. Approximately 15 restaurants within one block of me closed during this time. On my block, two hopeful restaurants opened in the vacant spots. The one next door, Gentilly, closed last December after only being open for 10 months. Rumor has it the other restaurant is looking for its exit.

I am stubborn, positive, and passionate about my brand and business. I masochistically love challenges. I’m a first born and a Scorpio. I’ve been fighting the tide, and it’s my duty as an entrepreneur to fight the good fight.

gold dusted donut holesDespite the extreme challenges I’m facing, I find joy in the simple things that make life good and are at the heart of entrepreneurship. Recently I had a catering order for gold dusted donut holes. It was the first time we had made them, and they were so off-the-hook delish I put them on the every day menu. Who knew a little nugget could elicit such a big happy reaction? I wish it were possible to convey the aroma of donut holes frying up. It’s intoxicating and mesmerizing. Although we’ve always prided ourselves on baking and roasting everything in our double-stack electric convection oven, going to the dark side of deep fat frying has yielded hilariously happy results.

If you need a pickmeup from all the gray days we are subjected to by the unkind NYC weathergawds, or to find your happy place despite ConEd jackhammering on the streets surrounding us (Carmine street is the only exception), we’ve got just what you need. Our Mexican vanilla donut holes are coated in yummy cinnamon sugar glaze. We’re happy to drizzle raspberry coulis on your nugget turning it into a phenomenal mini jelly donut.

Inspiration from one of my all time fave songs:

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em,
know when to fold ’em,
know when to walk away
and know when to run.
You never count your money when you’re sittin at the table.
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done” (Kenny Rogers, from The Gambler).

This song reminds me so much of my Grandma Mildred and Grandpa Ervin Hansel Scott. They were humble small business owners who worked tirelessly at their resort, Scotts on The Rocks, at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. They set a high bar on work ethic and integrity. They created a truly special place for our family and their guests. We played a lot of card games as a family. And my grandpa was genius when it came to counting them.

Food for Thought: The journey doesn’t always end down the path you expect, but once you’ve arrived, you’ll begin again.

cheers to great journeys and enjoying the joy along the way,


Getting to Yes…and Happiness

March 7th, 2017

Marlo Scott at Sweet Revenge windowbayAs a restaurant owner in NYC, every day presents new opportunities and challenges. The highs are amazing, and the lows are epic. I’m sure my fellow entrepreneurs, irrespective of industry and business model, will agree. I face situations, both strategic and at the nuts and bolts levels (I feel ya Carl Spackler aka Bill Murray in Caddyshack), that challenge me to deliver the absolute right response. Knowing how to handle tricky, sometimes soul-crushing, push-your-button situations  (which thankfully are the exception at Sweet Revenge®), takes grace, finesse, business savvy, maturity and a serious inner peace in the face of illogical and unreasonable conditions. While Sweet Revenge® is blessed with 98% amazing, grateful, kind, fun-loving and generous patrons, the other 2% bring the helterskelter. I like to think I am operating in the zen zone 96% of the time, so a solid A level job with a few percents off for occasional slippage :).

The restaurant scene in NYC is passionate, phenomenal, merciless, innovative, unforgiving, trendy, unique, and vicious. Social media and online  and app-based review platforms are a small business owner’s best friends and arch nemeses. I work hard to make peace with this beast. I love the feel good postings and the kindness of patrons looking out for my small business. I glean learnings and practice personal and professional growth from the not very nice ones.

The world is a better place when decency prevails and people treat each other with courtesy and mutual respect. If we are patient and understanding with one other and share a smile, we can make life a little kinder for everyone we cross paths with. Unfortunately one cannot reason with an unreasonable person. While I can’t force someone to enjoy their time at my restaurant & wine bar, my staff and I can candycrush them with kindness. By doing so, it makes our lives more peaceful and pleasant.

I ask my staff to do their best. This is the standard I expect of myself. I accept there are times that this is not good enough for a patron in a given situation, but I sleep easier knowing we are trying to do the right thing, get to yes for the guests, and ensure everyone’s happiness and sanity along the way. By hustling sweets and cocktails for a living with a little salt, carbs, grease and caffeine thrown into the mix, Sweet Revenge® radiates good cheer, positive energy and deliciousness every day for the universe from its patch of earth at 62 Carmine street in NYC.

It doesn’t cost more to take the high road. Food for thought: “Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” Blaise Pascal, Mathematician, physicist and inventor

cheers to more bending and less breaking,


Marlo Scott & Sweet Revenge on CBS This Morning Show!

February 10th, 2017
Marlo Scott with Chris Wragge of CBS This Morning at Sweet Revenge

Marlo Scott with Chris Wragge of CBS This Morning at Sweet Revenge

It was an honor to be included in CBS This Morning‘s valentine’s segment! Our good friends Allyson & Sarah from SugarTooth Tours included us in their Valentine’s lineup. Anchor Chris Wragge joined owner Marlo Scott at Sweet Revenge® on Tuesday to learn the art of pairing desserts and drinks for Valentine’s Day. He tried our Amor Cupcake (Mexican vanilla cake, chocolate ganache & strawberry center, strawberry cream cheese frosting, topped with a chocolate drizzled strawberry) paired with Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Prosecco and the Bubbles cupcake (Mexican vanilla cake, moscato mascarpone filling, cream cheese frosting, cinnamon sugar dusting) with a proscato & Fruli beer.

Every day should be love-filled and delicious. That’s what we do at Sweet Revenge. Join us on Valentine’s Day, or any day, for love, cupcakes & cocktails!

Happy National Desserts Day Indeed! Marlo Scott’s Desserts & Drinks Interview with Bottlenotes

October 14th, 2016

It’s an official holiday so mark the calendar. October 14th is National Dessert Day!

Get the inside scoop on how desserts and drinks pair and check out the beautiful photo of the Sweet Revenge® Crimson & Cream cupcake with a raspberry bellini and Belhaven beer. Sweet Revenge Owner Marlo Scott shares her expertise on pairing sweets and beverages in her interview with Editor-in-Chief Tracy Byrnes of The Sip on Bottlenotes.

Read The Article on Bottlenotes

Sweet Revenge is Beloved Across the Pond: In The Times UK!

October 3rd, 2016

Sweet Revenge® cupcakes and cocktails are globally loved by patrons and the editorial community. We are delighted we made The Times UK “Taste of New York” interactive map in their City Insider Guide. Their highly selective process means we are keeping very good company with prestigious restaurateurs in NYC. This is sweet news indeed! Big thanks for the excellent writeup goes to Mel Rose, the brilliant owner behind foodie & fashion site Food and the City.

Check out Sweet Revenge on The Times UK digital interactive map:


Sweet Revenge® Wine Slushies in Metro New York!

June 13th, 2016

Sweet Revenge Wine SlushiesWe are honored our Sweet Revenge® wine slushies aka vino granitas have made the attention of Metro New York! On these fiery hot summer days and nights in NYC, cool down with our fruity, icy cold, wine-based cocktails. Splish splash in a glass!

Read the Article “Wine Cocktails Are Cool For the Summer” in Metro New York. Check out our Raspberry Wine Slushy & Dirty Cupcake photo!

Sweet Revenge in New York Magazine!

June 2nd, 2016

Part of the charm of being in the west village in new york city is our charming patrons. We are thrilled Sweet Revenge® and our cupcake, wine & beer pairings are included in NY Magazine’s “West Village Story”, a day in the life of fashion blogger Krystal Blik (This Time Tomorrow). New York Magazine’s story showcases Krystal’s “favorite charming hidden gems” in the neighborhood that Sweet Revenge® calls home.

Read about Sweet Revenge in New York Magazine’s “West Village Story”

krystal-blik-for NY Magazine at-sweet-revenge-for-ny-mag

Krystal Blik during photo shoot for NY Magazine at Sweet Revenge with The Tart cupcake

Sweet Revenge is Top 10 Spot in NYC for Boozy Desserts in The Culture Trip!

May 4th, 2016

We are thrilled to be in the Top 10 spots in NYC for boozy desserts according to The Culture Trip! We agree with their excellent taste – our wine & beer pairings for our cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies & more are the perfect combination of booze & sugar!

Read the story


Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride with Brian Sweany

May 4th, 2016
Marlo Scott Brian Sweany Buy the Ticket Take the RIde

Marlo Scott with hometown friend & Author Brian Sweany

Staying connected to my roots is important to me. Although I don’t get home often or as much as I’d like, I marvel at the lifelong friendships I have thanks to growing up in Columbus, Indiana. I recently had the awesome fortune to host my friend Brian Sweany‘s book signing for Buy the Ticket Take the Ride at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge in NYC. Brian’s third book is based on his life growing up in our small town in southern Indiana and his personal journey. You gotta read it. This guy is going places. He will be on the best seller list and have his own hollywood movie. I think actor Jeremy Renner deserves a crack at playing the lead character, what do you think? 🙂

Life was simpler way back when. Big hair, 80s tunes, it was all so very friday night lights in my small home town. My nostalgia gets the best of me whenever I reminisce about how easy life was as a kid. You just don’t know then how good you’ve got it until it fades away to precious memories. When I visit home, it seems quiet and peaceful and simple and good compared to the hustlebustle insanity and chaos of NYC.  They say you can always go back home. But can you really? Would the sameness be the thing that reminds you why you left and why you are where you are?

Brian Sweany Buy the ticket Take the Ride book signingAs I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the good values, work ethic, family first (vs work) way of living instilled in me from growing up in southern Indiana decades ago. I crave the normalness of it all and what I perceive to be its simplicity. I hope one day in the not too distant future to create that reality for me and G. I’ve got a journey and a transformation ahead with good ole sweet revenge and am deep in a new chapter as an entrepreneur.

I’m really proud of Brian and impressed by all that he has accomplished. Not only is he inspiring, he’s honestly just a good salt-of-the-earth person, an amazing husband and devoted dad. He’s funny as hell, a clever writer and mega talented. Please buy Brian’s book Buy the Ticket Take the Ride and support my fellow dreamer and doer.

cheers to good friends, good times, good memories & big hair,