Getting to Yes…and Happiness

Marlo Scott at Sweet Revenge windowbayAs a restaurant owner in NYC, every day presents new opportunities and challenges. The highs are amazing, and the lows are epic. I’m sure my fellow entrepreneurs, irrespective of industry and business model, will agree. I face situations, both strategic and at the nuts and bolts levels (I feel ya Carl Spackler aka Bill Murray in Caddyshack), that challenge me to deliver the absolute right response. Knowing how to handle tricky, sometimes soul-crushing, push-your-button situations  (which thankfully are the exception at Sweet Revenge®), takes grace, finesse, business savvy, maturity and a serious inner peace in the face of illogical and unreasonable conditions. While Sweet Revenge® is blessed with 98% amazing, grateful, kind, fun-loving and generous patrons, the other 2% bring the helterskelter. I like to think I am operating in the zen zone 96% of the time, so a solid A level job with a few percents off for occasional slippage :).

The restaurant scene in NYC is passionate, phenomenal, merciless, innovative, unforgiving, trendy, unique, and vicious. Social media and online  and app-based review platforms are a small business owner’s best friends and arch nemeses. I work hard to make peace with this beast. I love the feel good postings and the kindness of patrons looking out for my small business. I glean learnings and practice personal and professional growth from the not very nice ones.

The world is a better place when decency prevails and people treat each other with courtesy and mutual respect. If we are patient and understanding with one other and share a smile, we can make life a little kinder for everyone we cross paths with. Unfortunately one cannot reason with an unreasonable person. While I can’t force someone to enjoy their time at my restaurant & wine bar, my staff and I can candycrush them with kindness. By doing so, it makes our lives more peaceful and pleasant.

I ask my staff to do their best. This is the standard I expect of myself. I accept there are times that this is not good enough for a patron in a given situation, but I sleep easier knowing we are trying to do the right thing, get to yes for the guests, and ensure everyone’s happiness and sanity along the way. By hustling sweets and cocktails for a living with a little salt, carbs, grease and caffeine thrown into the mix, Sweet Revenge® radiates good cheer, positive energy and deliciousness every day for the universe from its patch of earth at 62 Carmine street in NYC.

It doesn’t cost more to take the high road. Food for thought: “Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” Blaise Pascal, Mathematician, physicist and inventor

cheers to more bending and less breaking,


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