Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride with Brian Sweany

Marlo Scott Brian Sweany Buy the Ticket Take the RIde

Marlo Scott with hometown friend & Author Brian Sweany

Staying connected to my roots is important to me. Although I don’t get home often or as much as I’d like, I marvel at the lifelong friendships I have thanks to growing up in Columbus, Indiana. I recently had the awesome fortune to host my friend Brian Sweany‘s book signing for Buy the Ticket Take the Ride at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge in NYC. Brian’s third book is based on his life growing up in our small town in southern Indiana and his personal journey. You gotta read it. This guy is going places. He will be on the best seller list and have his own hollywood movie. I think actor Jeremy Renner deserves a crack at playing the lead character, what do you think? 🙂

Life was simpler way back when. Big hair, 80s tunes, it was all so very friday night lights in my small home town. My nostalgia gets the best of me whenever I reminisce about how easy life was as a kid. You just don’t know then how good you’ve got it until it fades away to precious memories. When I visit home, it seems quiet and peaceful and simple and good compared to the hustlebustle insanity and chaos of NYC.  They say you can always go back home. But can you really? Would the sameness be the thing that reminds you why you left and why you are where you are?

Brian Sweany Buy the ticket Take the Ride book signingAs I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the good values, work ethic, family first (vs work) way of living instilled in me from growing up in southern Indiana decades ago. I crave the normalness of it all and what I perceive to be its simplicity. I hope one day in the not too distant future to create that reality for me and G. I’ve got a journey and a transformation ahead with good ole sweet revenge and am deep in a new chapter as an entrepreneur.

I’m really proud of Brian and impressed by all that he has accomplished. Not only is he inspiring, he’s honestly just a good salt-of-the-earth person, an amazing husband and devoted dad. He’s funny as hell, a clever writer and mega talented. Please buy Brian’s book Buy the Ticket Take the Ride and support my fellow dreamer and doer.

cheers to good friends, good times, good memories & big hair,