New! “Insanewich” Lunch Special & New Years Resolutions!

Sweet Revenge pastrami swiss and chipotli aioli sandwich

Sweet Revenge pastrami swiss and chipotli aioli sandwich

What I love about the start of a new year are all the new beginnings I embrace. It’s exciting to know change is happening. Change is good. Change is for the best. I am optimistic about the many behind-the-scenes projects I’ve been working on at Sweet Revenge, my restaurant & wine bar in NYC. I’ve been nurturing some for more than 6 months; others are lightbulb “aha” ideas conceived last month.

One project will deliver transformational change for my small business, and I am on pins and needles to hurry and up get there :). I know there’s no speeding up time, but I truly am thrilled about what’s in the strategic hopper in 2016. Here’s a hint: cupcake inspired gelato!

Today we made a seemingly small change that I know will have a big impact. We debuted our “Insanewich” Lunch Special. For $9.95, we’re serving up delectable sandwiches on house-made, fresh-baked artisan breads, plus a pickle & chips & a FREE CUPCAKE. Hows that for a crazy fun way to kick off 2016?!?!! When my mom came to visit at Christmas, my hubby G and I were brainstorming about 2016 plans. We were digging up old ideas looking for new gems and shared this sandwich one with her. We are happy today to raise a glass to celebrate to this delicious, “sinwich” special.

In the next week or two we are embracing technology that has been on the market for years: online ordering for pickup and delivery. I am so tardy to this party it’s embarrassing. However, that’s life as an entrepreneur. You juggle many balls, hoping to keep them all up in the air. The reality is you drop a few or you miss out on juggling ones you should because you’re probably juggling rings of fire or swords. “Better late than never to the party bus” I say! 🙂 I’ll blog soon about the apps you can order from while workin’ away at the office or chillin’ out in your pjs from your couch.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of 365 page of book. So write a good one.” (Brad Paisley)

cheers to new beginnings, embracing change, all good things and a delicous 2016!


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