Essentially Tara, Breakups & Chocolate

Sweet Revenge Dirty Cupcake with Sweet Smaak PinotageI marvel at my blessings! My lovely patron Tara Lipinski recently visited us and shared a sweet story about how we were her go-to spot after a sad breakup. Nothing heals better than chocolate, especially our Dirty cupcake (dark chocolate truffle, Valrhona chocolate cake) & a glass of Sweet Smaak Pinotage.

Tara is a smart, savvy, lovely person who is insanely accomplished as one of the world’s greatest Olympic figure skaters, kind, humble, unassuming and so very thoughtful. She is every bit as adorable in real life as you see on tv! Her bubbly spirit, positive energy and natural beauty light up a room.  She was a joy to work with while doing her photo shoot at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge® in NYC.  It was a seriously fun day with her in the house, and I had a fantastic time.

I take great pride in knowing several patrons who have had their first date at mine and wound up having my cupcakes or wedding cakes at their weddings. On the other end of the spectrum, Black Book Magazine and Daily Candy picked Sweet Revenge as a fave spot for breakups, bitching about breakups and also first dates! I have consoled many a patron over a beer at the bar about the end of their relationship and also brainstormed engagements taking place at mine.  I am sure that Tara  will have happy times over cupcakes & wine, helping fade into the past lingering memories about her breakup.

It makes me endlessly happy that my desserts, vino, chocolate, good tunes, kind folks and great energy at Sweet Revenge make the world a kinder place for my amazing patrons, whether they are having rough or great days. I am very grateful to Tara for sharing her story about Sweet Revenge® on her fabulous blog Essentially Tara she recently launched.

Get to know Tara on Essentially Tara and check out her story about us!

Read Tara’s “My Sweet Tooth: Sweet Revenge

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