Seeing the Signs

Sweet RevengeSince I opened my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge® in 2008, my very loving & supportive parents have nudged (nagged?! :)) me about putting out a sign to make us easier to find. One would think this very logical suggestion and fairly straightforward project would be easily & quickly knocked off the to-do list. I chalk up the fact that this project is now on the Year 7 to-do list as the fault of a smallbiz gremlin or two :). These slippery little suckers sneakily divert my attention to all kinds of distracting and pressing to-dos.

As new restaurants have moved onto charming Carmine street in Manhattan’s west village, I study their signage: height, dimensions, awning vs hanging, light lettering on dark background vs dark letters on a light background (please weigh in on what you think is most readable!), type of material, colors etc. It is not lost on me that virtually all of my fellow restaurateurs have noticeable and easy to read signs. The Sweet Revenge® logos on the door and on our white brick wall are incredibly visible, if you are directly in front of them or have bionic vision from across the street. Ahh yes, there so many signs all around me, giving me clues about what I need to do. And bless my parents who continue to bring up this project year after year :).

Mom and dad, this one’s for you. I’m getting the outside sign made STAT.

“How very wet this water is.” ― L. Frank Baum, The Marvelous Land of Oz

cheers to the obvious and getting it done,


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