Let it Snow! We Have Mulled Wine!

Sweet Revenge snowyAs I type this post, I am looking out on softly falling snow and a monotone gray sky. The start of 2015 is chilly – temps were 11F with the windchill last night and 20F right now. New Yorkers do not love the cold, and I’d venture that 80% of us own puffy coats :). Once we have put up too many days back to back of nesting it in our small apartments, cabin fever descends and like magic, there is a happy flurry for me and my fellow restaurant owners of our patrons rejoining the land of the living.

January is the month for renewal, resolutions, & restarts aka excellence in gym attendance and diets both of the food varietal and the financial. As a small business owner, I am not a fan of January as 6 & 1/2 years in the restaurant industry have proven it is a countdown month. I am counting down the days until we are done with it. By February, peops are easing off of their new year’s resolutions and favoring a wee bit more indulgence. As a pusher of sugar, alcohol and internationally inspired comfort food, indulgence is my preference year-round :).

My hubby G and I agreed that the arctic temps are really a blessing. We can combat the deep freeze, and we know how to warm up our patrons. We make an outrageoulsy delish mulled wine. Our Irish coffee and Irish hot chocolate are made with the absurdly decadent Chocovine, a chocolate red wine from Holland. Our spiked spiced cider is OFF THE HOOK yummy. As we already have our expectations properly managed and are cozied up with our warm boozy mugs, we are happy as clams to get bad weather and fiscal & food diets out of the way in one fell swoop in the first month of the 2015. In other words, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Let’s dump buckets of Frosty the snowman this month! When February hits and Valentine’s magic is aglow, our patrons will happily be abuzz out and about eating and drinking copiously, delighting in the (fingers crossed!) “better” weather. And all will be right and well in the world once again :).

If cabin fever overwhelms, you find yourself saying bahhumbug to resolutions, you love playing in the cold, or if you are just so inclined, please join us for a cozy mug of mulled wine, oven baked cracked black pepper sea salt fries, a slice of turtle cheesecake or a cupcake or two :).

cheers and happy new year!