CONFESSIONS of A Small Business Owner: To-Do Lists

Recently Jason Womack, an incredibly generous & very inspiring irregular regular of mine visited my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge®.  Jason lives in Ojai, California and is an author, coach, speaker & expert in productivity excellence. I am blessed that when he is in NYC consulting with clients, he makes Sweet Revenge® one of his home-away-from-home bases. Jason dropped off his book Your Best Just Got Better filled with thoughtful handwritten notes. I’ve been engrossed ever since, folding the corners of A-ha pages during my subway rides.  In the book, Jason talks about MITs – Most Important Things. He challenges his readers to consider the traits & skills that have gotten them to the present and if these same traits & skills can take them to the next level.

Your Best Just Got Better by Jason WomackI don’t get anything done unless I put it on paper. Writing down my to-do gets them out of my head and into my hands.  Literally. While I’ve been reading Jason’s empowering book, I’ve been examining my to-do lists. They are very action and verb-oriented, and they are 100% focused on nuts & bolts of running the business day-to-day. Stuff like: update the powerpoint menu, update the website photos, post a blog, review credit card reports, review vendor payment vs credit received, follow up with xyz patron re: wedding cake/gestational diabetes friendly cake, send staff email re: waffles now are served with wine & beer pairings & a side of bacon. Yes, all stuff that is necessary to keep things ticking and tocking and steady state. Guess what’s noticeably absent on the list? There isn’t a single item that will ever change the game. And yet I dream of bigger things for my small business. I can’t believe the big picture aka my Most Important Things never make the cut on paper.

When I had that A-ha moment over this past weekend, I made a commitment to prioritize my MITs. First things first – I made myself sit down and write for the first two hours of Monday morning about what exactly those suckers are. I felt Tony the Tiger GRREAAAT after completing that exercise.  I spent the next two days devoting my first hours of the day to the big picture. I did not let email, social media posts and nuts & bolts distract me. I gave pure focused energy and attention to my MITs. WOW. The momentum is palpable, and I’m  really excited. For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m focusing on the right things smartly.

I am so excited about this development, I needed to share the love & the learnings. Pick up a copy of Jason Womack’s book!

cheers to actualizing on the Most Important Things!


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