Behind the scenes scoop: Belgian Waffle, wine & beer pairings!

Sweet Revenge Red Velvet Belgian Waffles, wine & beer pairingIt’s a handy life survival skill knowing the art of pairing booze and food :).  I consider this one of my special talents, and I’m proud to say it sure beats patting myself on the back for mastering an excel or powerpoint trick during my ole corporate days.  Most recently at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge® in NYC, I followed my bartender Charysh’s advice to incorporate our wine & beer pairings onto the brunch menu. I decided to keep it simple to start, knowing we can expand the recommendations in time. So to start, we offer Belgian waffle, wine & beer pairs for brunch and weekday breakfast. I count my blessings for my business savvy & thoughtful staff.  Thank you Charysh for the suggestion and the offer to help me figure them out!

Developing an expertise in this tasty skill is certainly one of my most fave job responsibilities. With 100% confidence, its my staff’s fave to-do with me as well :). When I developed the pairings for our Mexican vanilla, Red Velvet & Blueberry Belgian waffles, my chef Danielle and I tasted and sipped our way through bellinis, various wines, bubblies and beers around the world.  Tough day at the office I like to joke. Although we’ve been doing cupcake, wine & beer pairings for the past 6 years, I recognize that as a small business owner, I have to keep innovating, providing my lovely patrons with more reasons to stay loyal and in love with my restaurant & wine bar.  Pictured are our outrageous red velvet Belgian waffles (yes! inspired by our Crimson & Cream cupcakes) paired with Belhaven from Scotland and a delightful vanilla bellini.

It’s a constant dance as an entrepreneur, and I’m always learning new moves.  Since the beginning of the year 6 restaurants have failed within 1 block of me. It’s a bit mind-blowing this is happening in year 6 of being in business in my charming and affluent west village neighborhood. My hubby G and I recently strolled up Bleecker street (a main artery in the village and a massive tourist attraction which is one block away (and yet a universe) from Sweet Revenge®).  This street is also a ghost town of commercial vacancies.  I’m only sort of joking that the art of pairing food & alcohol is a life survival skill. This has been SR’s point of differentiation, and it’s helping us hang in there.

I’m on the hook for letting the editorial community know about these delicious new developments. I’ll keep ya posted so stay tuned for more behind the scenes scoop on their reaction. In the meantime, please come & try & enjoy for yourself. They’re available 7 days a week for breakfast & brunch (and breakfast is served through 2:30p M-F!). Please spread the word, share the love and keep your fabulous social media shoutouts comin’. They’re a huge help, and I really appreciate all the support for my small business.

Cheers to deliciousness,