Our Outrageously Delish Lunch Special!

Sweet Revenge Lunch SpecialIn an earlier blog post I discussed how we’d gone through a rough patch. An excessively long, cold winter; a beloved neighborhood joint coming back to the street after a year & a half hiatus (the much admired great Grey Dog); and frankly what I call a mass exodus of humans in my nook & cranny of the west village all contributed to our lean times. When the Grey Dog re-opened, they took a big ole bite outta my breakfast, daytime coffee and lunch sales.

My hubby Gur observed the Grey Dog’s enviable take-away & dine-in lunch crowd and informed me we needed to offer a to-go & dine in lunch special ASAP. I quickly brainstormed ideas for wraps with the chefs and then promptly sat on the project. Eventually I found time to set my goals and analyze the anticipated new menu’s food costs. I wanted the lunch special to 1) turbo boost our lunch sales 2) be profitable 3) be easy & fast to assemble for the chefs and 4) impress the heck out of everyone who tries it.

The recipe costing model very clearly showed our delish ideas would be 1) very time-consuming for the chefs and 2) not profitable due to fancy shmancy ingredients. I freed my mind and and scrapped the original ideas. Instead I chose simple cold salads easily scooped into wraps, a side salad and a bowl of soup. I put that into the recipe cost model while our talented chefs Shannon & Danielle busted a move on yummy recipe development. Bartender Miguel demonstrated madskills with chalk and created the new chalkboard. I updated the menu and my hubby put it up on the window for display. Voila! Our new $10 lunch special was born!

Fellow small biz owners, you will appreciate that this simple menu addition is boosting our lunch sales. I’m delighted to report that I’m accomplishing my above mentioned goals. The chefs agree the lunch special is a snap to assemble, and my daytime bartender-servers are happy campers, hustling during lunch.

Stay tuned….there’s a breakfast special in the works :)….

Cheers to delicious ideas and a great team effort turning into tasty results,