The Time Out Corner

Owning a small business is like having a child. It’s a 24 x 7 hour job. You invest everything you’ve got in its development and future, take great pride & a lot of pics in its first steps and all of its milestones, laugh & cry because of things it does or doesn’t do, and you never get any sleep. It can be tricky to step away and feel good about leaving your baby in the care of others, as smart phones make being plugged in the modus operandi.

When you’re a kid, going into the “time out corner” means you’ve been bad. I’m becoming quite confident I could create a whole new business of “time out corners” for adults – and I don’t mean for the bad grownups. I mean for the good ones, for those who need some downtime to enjoy the pleasing sound of peace and quiet, to escape the never ending to-do’s and to re-prioritize taking care of one’s self. Imagine: no phones, no texts, no calls, no facebook, no instagram, no twitter, no LinkedIn, no pinterest, no dramarama – for at least as long as you’re in “time out”. I think this corner has appeal for not only small business owners but for everyone.

When I’ve pushed myself too far for too long, a time out becomes mandatory. Doing yoga or taking a long walk around the Cloisters does a lot of good for my soul and sanity. I recently got a bike, and it reminds me of growing up on Grandview lake in Columbus, Indiana. I used to zip around with my pals Em, Jules, Al & Heather, and manalive life was Fun with a capital F. When I flew over my handlebars and knocked out my front tooth  my pal Ali ran to my home to tell my mom I was splayed out in the middle of our country road. Say it with me B A T T L E  S C A R. I didn’t fall off my bike on accident. We’d set up a pop-a-wheelie on a hill near Jule’s house so we could fly through the air on purpose. We were a pack of Evel Knievel-ettes. Yes indeed, being back on a bike after 35 years is a thrill that makes me smile a big cheesy grin & packs my head of fond memories while making new ones. Afterward, I feel really relaxed. My bike may get it’s own chapter in my entrepreneur’s journey.

“Give yourself a gift that will keep on giving … time for yourself.” (Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D.)