What Are You, Chicken?

It’s healthy to be happy, and it’s especially important to incorporate playfulness into one’s work environment.  When the two come together in beautiful harmony as they often do at my restaurant & wine bar Sweet Revenge®, I refer to it as my workplayce.  Get ready for Fun with Chicken…

Recently I needed to analyze how how much labor goes into breaking down chicken into ready-to-use portions. I wanted to compare this cost against the cost of buying chicken for a higher cost per pound in the portion size we’re looking for. Breaking down chicken entails removing the skin and separating the drumstick from the thigh. I filmed my chef Danielle doing this “chicken dance” :), and she calculated the time spent doing the project, along with the weights of the chicken once separated and the weight of the removed skin. I took this data and ran the numbers. Result:  we will be buying just the thighs going forward. The incremental increase per pound is offset by the savings in labor and how we can utilize that employee time to accomplish other activities. I have to say, I kinda crack myself up….and yup that’s me laughing in the background.

Watch the video & be entertained. Sweet Revenge: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

The “Chicken Dance” at Sweet Revenge from marlo scott on Vimeo.

BONUS: you now know the real reason why the chicken crossed the road!

cheers chicken little,