Rolling Up My Sleeves

Talk to any small business owner, and they’ll likely share with you that they are a jack of all trades in their business. They’ll also reveal that hiring, training and managing staff is one of their most challenging responsibilities.  The restaurant industry is especially notorious for its revolving door.  When a team-member departs, there’s a real void that must be filled and that’s where it proves helpful, and frankly necessary, to be Jack. I am currently in one of these human resource vortexes.  This past weekend, our chef Jocy moved home to Rhode Island, and our new chef Natalie started training. It takes about 7 days for training, so we’re toggling a week to being fully staffed back up.

As a result, my husband G and I are in the kitchen this week handling dinner service.  Patrons, you should totally come for dindin & for kicks. We’ll make the best of it together:). Monday night we rocked some drunken noodles which is no small feat!

The cliche of wearing many hats is never lost on me. I jump in to cover shifts when my front of house can’t cover off for each other; thankfully this happens very infrequently.  I tidy the bathroom. I bring up food & bev and to-go boxes from the basement. On any given day, I switch gears from analyzing costs, paying bills, dealing with vendors, julie the cruise directoring with patrons, doing social media and chipping away at a never ending list of projects big and small.

Rolling up the sleeves, doin’ the dirty & the delicious work…it’s all part of the journey.

Cheers to shooting for the stars while keeping grounded,



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