Aunt Jemima Makes it Look Easy….But It’s Anything But!

Sweet Revenge Pure Cupcake TestA couple of blog posts ago, I shared some cost-saving tips that I’d learned while attending my expensive (yet rewarding!) school of life at Sweet Revenge®. I mentioned our need for speed in converting recipes from self-rising flour to AP (all purpose), since self-rising is nearly double the cost.  I thought this conversion project would be a snap. Add in salt & baking powder and voila, we’d convert our recipes and realize the benefits right away. Not so fast. And certainly there’s no snapping going on.  Timewarp to my high school science class petri dish days.  Batch after batch, we taste; we take notes; we make minor modifications; we do some guesswork, and we try again.  Holyguacamole, this recipe development project requires patience.


In our test, we are trying to re-create the Pure cupcake, Sweet Revenge Pure cupcakeone of our four signature flavors that we make every day. The Pure is a Mexican vanilla cake with Mexican vanilla frosting. It’s nutty and creamy, and the vanilla is luxe. In our attempts to re-make this batter, we’ve come up short on the essence of this distinctive vanilla. At times the texture has been too much like a pound cake or not moist enough. Sometimes the batch has tasted like a quintessential vanilla cake, but that’s not the Pure. And our Purists, our devotees aka addicts, expect and know their beloved Pure. So there’s no workarounds. There’s no shortcuts. There’s no throwin’ in the towel to say “that’s good enough”. We push forward in our quest….

Stay tuned for more on Operation Cupcake Conversion….




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