Bedazzling with Gluten-Free

Sweet Revenge Gluten Free Cranberry Crumb CakeFor the first 5 years in business about once a month, a patron would pop into Sweet Revenge® and ask if we offered gluten-free pastries. We didn’t, so we’d try to convince them to drink (gluten-free) wine as a treat. Sometimes our creativity worked (at night), and mostly it was unsuccessful (during the daytime).  I overhear & observe lots of tidbits as I work on my laptop in the restaurant.  I glean learnings and make business decisions from these patron nuggets.

At the start of this year, the frequency of gluten-free requests became a daily occurrence, so we busted a move into recipe development. CONFESSION: I’d always turned my nose up whenever I saw GF pastry items. The few random times I’d tried them around town, they were uber disappointing.  My chefs Shannon, Danielle & Jocy worked their magic to create outrageously delish cookies & cakes (individual sized). Now of course I’m convinced that even if you can eat gluten, you will be addicted to our GF goodies if you walk on the wild side to try them.

Although we still don’t offer gluten free cupcakes, I’m keeping my eyes wide open and ears on high alert for the day that I overhear the frequency of those patron requests.

What’s the frequency Kenneth? 🙂

cheers to the sweet taste of cha cha cha changes in small business poco a poco.



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