Adios 2013, Bring it on 2014!

As the year winds to a close, I’m very grateful for my many blessings of 2013.  Big thanks goes to my lovely staff at Sweet Revenge for their hard work in making my dream a reality every day. I appreciate my cutiepie hubby G for his love, support and help.  He refers to himself as my errand boy which is quite an understatement. I am indebted to all my patrons and social media e-friends for spending their hard earned money at mine and spreading the word about my restaurant & wine bar.  Thank yous go to my fabulous friends and dear family for their never ending cheer leading, bright ideas, moral support, and spending moolah at SR.

Looking back at the year’s milestones, I enjoyed immensely the time I spent with budding entrepreneurs and those dancing with the idea in my small business classes I teach at Sweet Revenge® via my other company Marlo Scott Productions®.  I’m noodling on the 2014 calendar of classes, excited for all that positive energy that swirls around those following their dreams and putting good karma out there. Entrepreneurs are a special breed. We are dreamers and doers, masochists & optimists and without us, our streets and neighborhoods would be the stuff of very bland strip malls. I am grateful for all those out there proving that living the dream is possible, even though the hard work never ceases.

I’m so very proud of launching our outrageous Dinner menu at Sweet Revenge®, complete with wine & beer pairings for our entrees. I took what I learned from pairing delicious imported beers & wines with cupcakes and applied it to our world-inspired burgers, drunken noodles, Turkish meatballs, oven fried chicken & jarlsberg rosemary Belgian waffles (to bedazzle you with a few menu items:)).  This menu took me a year to pull off, and it is hand-on-heart ridiculously tasty. I hope you get a chance to become a regular and an addict :).

May the close of this year find you and yours happy, healthy and loved.

Cheers to a brilliant 2014,