Having Fun with a Capital F with our NEW Dinner Menu at Sweet Revenge!

A few weeks ago, we launched our dinner service at Sweet RevengeĀ®. It has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments since we opened 5+ years ago. I am like a kid in candy store (errr or Sweet RevengeĀ® that sells outrageous cupcakes :)), very geeked out that patrons are coming to SR for our new dinner menu. The bold are trying our recommended wine & beer pairings with the entrees. One of my fabulous regulars John tried out the Blanche de Bruxelles beer pairing with the Kofte & Kisir (Turkish meatballs and bulgur….put on the menu for my awesome hubby G who is from Istanbul :)). I am getting such a kick out of this! One of the first things I do when I wake up is think about what I’m having for dinner :). It’s crazy delish and I’m really excited about this new chapter in the life of my small business. I hope to see you all for dindin soon!

Marlo Scott

Marlo Scott & John DiBenedetto at Sweet Revenge

Marlo Scott & John DiBenedetto at Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge Shepherd's Pie

Sweet Revenge Shepherd’s Pie