Marlo’s Fall Small Business Classes!

Black & Tan Cupcake & Young's Double Chocolate Stout at Sweet Revenge Taking the entrepreneurial plunge many years ago sweetened up my life in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine when my big dream of Sweet Revenge® was just a powerpoint presentation & set of excel financial models. In July, I celebrated my 5th year business anniversary and hand on heart, every year is more fun than the one prior, has a little more life-work balance, and continues to welcome amazing new people and opportunities into my life.

Marlo Scott Small Business Classes Fall 2013 at Sweet RevengeBased on hundreds of conversations with aspiring small business owners & fellow entrepreneurs through my years of being your nightly bartender, I packaged up the content of those discussions and started teaching classes at Sweet Reveng. I get a kick out of making the path ahead easier for others to navigate. This fall, I’m offering 3 fabulous courses.

Frankly, I credit my parents for choosing me to be their first born so I could make evvvverything easier for my younger brother Matt aka Slime. Thanks to yours truly, Slime knew his alphabet forward AND backward by the time he was 3, his teachers knew him BEFORE he took their classes, and he had virtually no curfew or rules about car dating. The trend is your friend. See the similarities?! 🙂

How To Write A Business Plan Class with Marlo ScottMy first class “HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN” is on Saturday, September 28, 8a-10a at Sweet Revenge®. I’m teaching the business plan template that I used and sharing my business plan that helped me secure a $400,000 SBA loan for Sweet Revenge®

Make a plan to sweeten up your life. REGISTER & SAVE 10% if you sign up with this DISCOUNT PAYPAL link by Friday, September 20th (normally $125)! For class details about what’s covered, click HERE.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else” (Yogi Berra).  Choose a sweet destination and enjoy the journey!

Saturday, September 28, 8a-10a
Held at Sweet Revenge®
Fee includes breakfast pastries & caffeine

REGISTER & SAVE 10% (offer expires 9/20)


Marlo Scott

62 Carmine Street
between Bedford & 7th Ave South
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