We’ve had a changing of the guard this week in our kitchen. Risa Magid who was our cherished head chef  for the last year and a half is off on a new adventure.  We are excited to see what comes next for her and will be cheering her on as she embraces an all new chapter.  Our very own talented Shannon Noone is skillfully taking the reigns and leading us on a new chapter in the life of my small business.  

Shannon is overseeing the onboarding of Kimberly Wetherell, who joined our team yesterday, and she is helping me interview candidates for one additional full-time pastry & savory chef. Once we’re fully staffed up, she will oversee the launch of our outrageously delicious all new dinner menu.  Everyone on the SR team is excited. Recipe testing spearheaded by Risa this past month has us all chompin’ at the bit to get to eat it for real :).  Shannon is also working on some all new desserts to broaden our offerings.

Once dinner is launched, it will complete the important evolution of Sweet Revenge from dessert & wine bar to the nation’s only restaurant with a cupcake, beer & wine bar.  I’m eager for SR to be all grown up in year five.  Funnily, I feel like I’m just getting started. Change is good.

“Strange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace I’m going through”
— David Bowie, “Changes”