Sweet Revenge® For Her Perfume: Bottling Up Sexy Deliciousness

Sweet Revenge® For Her Eau De Parfum, 1.7oz

Sweet Revenge® For Her Eau De Parfum, 1.7oz

I am thrilled to announce the launch of my eau de parfum, Sweet Revenge® for her! My fragrance is seriously sexy deliciousness. It has notes of blood orange, vanilla, musk, cream and sandalwood.  Does it smell like a cupcake? No, it does not :). But it does have a nouveau gourmand essence, with a sophisticated twist on the citrus and vanilla notes.  And the best part is it makes you smell irresistibly edible ;).

Sweet Revenge® perfume has been dream of mine since waaaay back in 2007 when I concocted it in my original business plan.  They say patience is a virtue; after 5 years in the makes, I feel like I earned my virtuousness and then some :).  Sweet Revenge® as a lifestyle means living life deliciously on your own terms.  I’ve always believed my brand would transcend cupcakes and booze into all things sexy and delicious. Your nose knows sexy. Trust me, Sweet Revenge For Her is bringin’ the sexy back into perfume (thanks for those lyrics JT ;))!

The process of developing my perfume was a journey of its own.  Several years ago, my friend Matt introduced me to his pal Kelly Jones, a talented perfumer, who at the time owned a custom beauty bar in AZ . I had just opened SR and  told Kelly that I hoped one day to create my own scent.  A couple of years went by, and Kelly saw my April 2011 Entrepreneur Magazine cover story.  In the interview, I discussed my goal of developing a perfume.  Kelly called me with her news that she had moved to NYC and started a new fragrance business, Kelly & Jones.  We immediately set into motion our working relationship and my crash course on oils and fragrance.

Through late summer and fall last year, Kelly created a scent library for me, researching and sourcing various oils I was interested in.  Armed with about 40 vials of oils, a small mountain of perfume testing strips, and the help of my galpals Joc, Megs & Lisa, we started doing perfume mixology. I found it overwhelming and a little daunting. There seemed to be an endless combination of oils. 2 drops of A plus a half a drop of B plus 3 drops of C and just a touch of D.  I’d write down the formula on the testing strip and then take a whiff.  Star over and do again with different oils. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  In between whiffs, we smelled ground coffee beans to re-set our noses. Having so many delish smelling oils made it difficult to narrow down the field of contenders. This was not a job for the weak or the faint of smell :). I was having serious commitment issues.

Lisa, Marlo & Megs

Lisa, Marlo & Megs

Thankfully Megs got out the brass tacks with me, and we started eliminating oils that weren’t right.  I ran into a couple of health setbacks which left me without any ability to smell and caused delays with the perfume formulation.  Eventually I got better, my nose got back to work, and I decided on 5 key oils. I tweaked the ratios of each until it was just what I wanted.  Kelly began blending in January.

During the mixology process, Megs, who is an incredibly talented graphic designer responsible for all of my branding at Sweet Revenge®, and I went into design mode for the front and back bottle labels, incorporating the SR logo on the front, the bird tattoo on the back, a metal-looking beading border inspired by my zinc bar,  and a phrase that resonated with me:  “Know no boundaries”.   I’m a believer that all things are possible.  I also believe in not limiting myself by my fears or the fears of others.

The labels were finalized after a few print production glitches in March.  My bartender Brian (who does production in his spare time) took beauty shots of the front and back of the perfume bottle about two weeks ago. I finally made time to write everything up and upload it on the all new SweetRevengeSHOP.com site, which has also been undergoing a massive overhaul since last fall (formerly SweetRevengeApparel.com). Then there was a hiccup with my UPS shipping rates and website credit card processing. Ahh such good times. After a couple of days worth of tech support calls into Goddady, Stripe, and with Rick Atkins the owner of Jester Promotions (the fulfillment center for Sweet Revenge® Lifestyle products), the back-end site issues were fixed.  Pheww! Indeed a funny thing happened on the way to the perfume forum…

Marlo with Kelly Jones, founder of Kelly & Jones

Marlo with Kelly Jones, founder of Kelly & Jones

I owe a huge thanks to Kelly Jones and my pals for their help and their sniffers. I absolutely love my new perfume. I wear it everyday and happily so.  I am having a good giggle spritzing it on.  And naturally my brain is wandering off into thinking if only it were a lotion or a bath gel or a candle.  And that’s what I love about my business – the possibilities are endless.  There are no boundaries to imagination and dreams!

I hope you enjoy Sweet Revenge For Her as much as I do!  You can buy it online at the all new SweetRevengeSHOP.com or visit us at Sweet Revenge® in NYC at 62 Carmine Street.  To celebrate the launch, enter Discount Code SRWPD to enjoy 15% off the perfume (good through Monday, April 23, 2012).

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.” (Helen Keller)

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®: the all new Sweet Revenge SHOP!

cheers to knowing no boundaries and smelling delicious doing so  😉


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