Wine with Marlo Scott and Tracy Byrnes on

Tracy Byrnes from and I discussed the behind-the-business scenes in small business and the tough job I’ve got as Chief Tasting Officer. My cupcakes and wine pairings were a hit with her! She enthusiastically champions small business owners and gives us props for propping up the economy.

Behind the scenes before I filmed this segment, I watched Tracy interview market and sector experts and heavy hitters from Ireland discussing the state of their nation relative to the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) and the area’s financial crisis. It was serious stuff and I went into my interview with Tracy very seriously. So I have to laugh looking back because the next time I’m on camera, I must seriously remember to not look so serious! I learned never assume the camera isn’t on my face just because I’m not talking.  Dang my bobblehead and bug eyes! ha!  If I can’t laugh at myself, well then I’m gonna get left out when every one else laughs at me :). Next time you betcha my gameface will be on!

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