Strawberries & Chocolate & Salted Caramel Amor!

Who knew that strawberries dipped in fleur de sel (salted caramel) or dark chocolate with crumbled pistachio or coconut raffia bits could be so stylin’!?!? That’s right, we’ve perfected our very own signature strawberry decadence for Valentine’s day. Natch we’re pairing it with prosecco  – what’s better than bubbly and strawberries for lovebirds?!

Strawberry Decadence, photo credit: Lourdes Merson

Strawberry Decadence, photo credit: Lourdes Merson

We had a blast behind the scenes figuring out the flavor combinations and how to decorate the strawberries. I like to use natural ingredients and colors to create stylish and sexy edible sophistication. It’s fun to give a twist on something tried and true.

We experimented with chopped toasted pecans, milk chocolate drizzle, fleur de sel (salted caramel), toasted coconut bits, and crumbled pistachios.  The taste-testing was fabulous good fun!  To figure out the wine and beer pairings, we knew that bubbly was the way to go. The question was – did it pair better with prosecco (light and dry like champagne) or moscato spumante (beautifully sweet sparkling white dessert wine)?

Angelina (my head pastry chef), Angela (my bartender), and Katie (my brunch chef) did the wine and beer pairing tastings with me. We agreed the prosecco beat out the moscato. Its slightly dry nature helped balance the sweetness of the chocolate, caramel and fruit. The moscato accentuated the sweetness just a tad too much.

For the beer pairings, we knew our beloved Guinness would hold up…indeed it did for all the chocolate dipped ones! However we found the Scottish Belhaven goes best for the salted caramel covered strawberries — it’s hints of caramel perfectly complimented the strawberry whereas the Guinness was too bitter and overpowered the salty caramel goodness.

Fleur de Sel (Salted Carmel) covered Strawberry; photo credit: Lourdes Merson

Fleur de Sel (Salted Caramel) covered Strawberry; photo credit: Lourdes Merson

We hope you join us starting today through Valentine’s to enjoy our strawberry decadence. We know you’ll fall in amor! We’ve got special gift box and gift bag packaging if you’re getting them for that special someone.  The miniature boxes and bags are tres precious!  Orders in advance are appreciated and welcome!

Cheers to all the lovebirds out there who we hope our strawberries bring joy and love. Cheers to all of us single peops – and to treating ourselves with kindness and love too!

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