The Bird, The Journey

Patrons often ask me why I tattooed an art deco bird on the ceiling at my cupcake, beer & wine bar and embroidered it on my new apparel line. It represents the flight to freedom and happiness and is symbolic of the journey I’m on. I’ve got personal new year’s resolutions and kickass goals for Sweet Revenge®. Last year was a rollercoaster with huge highs for my small business and the lows of personal losses. I’m glad 2010 is over, and I’m very excited about the new year.

Given the symbolic nature of one year ending and a new one beginning, I’ve been doing loads of self-reflection. Manalive am I grateful for all the good things that happened in 2010 and excited about what’s in store! Thanks to all the ridiculously unbelievably amazing opportunities I had with my business, my sales grew – halleluja! Being the face of Ink from Chase in their national ad campaign for their small business credit card goes down as one of my life’s most Ink-redible experiences!  I loved my 15 minutes of fame with Kathie Lee & Hoda on the TODAY show. I had a blast filming Unique Eats for the Cooking Channel. Being the backdrop for Millionaire Matchmaker was hilarious.  I enjoyed participating in Intuit’s Town Hall at the NASDAQ. I had kickin’ interviews with the BBC and PBS. I got my brunch menu off the ground, and I launched my fashion line Sweet Revenge Apparel.  It was such an awesome year, and I’m very thankful to everyone who helped me along the way. I have never been happier ever from a professional standpoint, and I’m truly having a ball running my small business.

My personal life seesawed in the completely opposite direction from my work one, with lots of sadness and loss.  My very dear step-dad Tom, who I adored and loved to bits, struggled with congestive heart failure and lost his battle in October. I miss him a lot.  The holidays were very different without him. My mom is holding up with remarkable strength, and I’m amazed at how she is coping with losing the love of her life for the last 19 years.  There was a remarkable blessing that happened unexpectedly with my step-dad’s passing though. It brought my brother Matt and I so much closer with our step-sister Donna and step-brother Scott. We’ve been calling each other terms of endearment, texting and facebooking like never before. I’m very grateful for the close bonds of my family.

I lost my friend Damien, just 35 years young, to cancer at the end of the year. He was such a fighter, and his spirit and smile I hold dear.  I know he is in a way better place, free from the pain, so for that I’m grateful. It’s also comforting to know he was in a good place when he died, so loved by the love of his life and one of my best friends, Lisa. I pray for her healing all the time because I know this loss has been devastating for her.

My friends Gabby and Rick, who lost their precious CJ just a week shy of his 1st birthday last summer, are healing. I admire them both for how they’ve dealt with this huge loss.  I love them to pieces and want the absolute best happiness for them both.

My boyfriend H and I broke up. He had many struggles and wasn’t in a good place. I watched him wreck himself, learning that I wasn’t capable of saving him, making him happy or having him want all my big dreams of our life together. It was an emotionally draining year, and our relationship didn’t survive. I pray for him that he will be like the phoenix, rising from the ashes to fly to true happiness, and I still hold him dear in my heart. On a grateful note, H sounded the wakeup call for me on how awesome being in love is and that holyheckbatman do I want to have a family of my own! I turned 40 last November (egads!) and I am committed to looking forward, not back.  I want to find my healthy, happy, positive, confident good-with-himself man who will madly love me, is excited about life and can’t wait to have rugrats for us to cherish.  If you know this guy, please send him my way ASAP. 🙂

I’m committing to investing in my personal life, finding my man and relishing in the feelgoodness of knowing all my dreams are happening – love and marriage and munchkins. I gotta put it out there to the universe so it can happen :). Ahhhh balance – it’s a tricky beam but I’m hellbent on walking the line.

For the business, I feel like Ralphie on Christmas morning, out of my gourd about my red ryder under the tree!  My resolutions for SR are hilarious when I say them out loud but I know them like facts, that they are totally going to happen. I want to get a tv show this year! I’m lining up meetings with production companies, oh yea! I will market the SR apparel line successfully and drive real financial results. It will be fun to transform the wine bar with new breakfast and lunch menus, a wedding cake line and kickin’ arse with our brunch. It’s going to be an absolute blast of a year to come!

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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” (Semisonic)

Cheers to everyone’s wishes and hopes, resolutions and promises this year. May they all come true, and your journey takes you where you dream,


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