Announcing the Launch of Sweet Revenge® Apparel!

I am thrilled, tickled, delighted, and oh so excited to launch my online clothing business today Sweet Revenge® Apparel!  I wore the women’s jet black burnout tunic last week to Kathie Lee & Hoda’s party and got rave reviews! Check out the seriously sexy art deco bird tattoo on the right shoulder, ooh la la ;). The men’s polo is edgy; the bird is embroidered in between the shoulder blades.  The hoodies for the guys and gals are quite stylin’ and seriously comfy.  The military hat with the bird tat on the back is just plain cool. The quality of the apparel is kickass, and the fit of the clothing is amazing with really nice lines.  Similar to my cupcake, beer & wine bar, I’m starting out small and looking forward to growing it into a success.  KISS KISS (Keep it Simple & Smart, Keep it Strategic & Sassy)!

In order to get the business up and running, I evaluated loads of apparel samples. I chose my favorite items with the help of my staff and a few patrons who provided their feedback.  I worked closely with Megan Hostler, a truly talented graphic designer, to determine the placement, size and color of the bird and SR logos on each item.  We leveraged the work we’d done in fall 2007 when we designed the SR logo for the fashion brand.  It’s fun to see an idea in my 2007 business plan come to life.   It cracks me up to remember how hard I tried to roll out the clothing line before I opened in summer 2008.  Although Megan and I had developed the branding and I’d purchased the shirts, I unfortunately hired a con artist printer who took my money but never logo’d the apparel.  I chuckle remembering how stressful that was at the time but am frankly thankful of the twists and turns on this little side journey.  I’m happy to say I’m working with my cousin’s husband Rick Atkins, a fellow entrepreneur and the hard working owner of Jester Promotions.  Rick is handling the embroidery and customer order fulfillment out of his warehouse.  Mike Robinson, a genius web site designer,  sorted out the shopping cart platform and its integration and then doubled as a makeshift photographer.  I begged favors from my awesome regulars Gabby and Jesse to let me photograph them wearing the apparel – bartering cupcakes did the trick! Big thanks also goes to my good buddy Berny Chen who hooked me up with the Yahoo! Small Business cart platform.  It takes a village folks…it really does! I count my blessings to be part of such a lovely one.

Last week, Food Network filmed a pilot at SR so I wore the jet black burnout tunic. My staff wore the new hat, hoodies and shirts during the filming.  Nothing like a little national tv publicity to plug the line tehehe…!

I hope you love the apparel as much as we do at Sweet Revenge®!  You can purchase the clothing on my website by clicking on the SR Apparel link at the far right side of the nav bar! By next week, we’ll have the hats, hoodies and shirts at Sweet Revenge®.  Check out the staff next week too — everyone will be sporting the new gear!

The Friends & Family discount code is SRALaunch.  The 20% discount is valid today through this Sunday!

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  The Bird, The Journey

“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” (Edna Woolman Chase)

Cheers to happy shopping for your Sweet Revenge® Apparel!


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