Meet The Regulars: Shiatsu Master Jim

Jim Totoian and his brother Rich have been my regulars since practically the first day I opened Sweet Revenge®. They live down the block, and we have the good fortune of seeing these two kind-hearted souls every day.  Both are ex-Californians, with storied lives connected to the music industry and Haight Ashbury days.

Jim is a shiatsu master who has practiced his art for over 35 years. He has magic hands that heal lumps, bumps, wacked alignments, sicknesses, aches and pains, thrown out backs, sore shoulders, and sciatic nerve problems among many other ailments including serious illnesses.  I joke with Jim that he’s my doctor.

Shiatsu Master Jim

Shiatsu Master Jim

Since I haven’t had health insurance in 3 years, if I throw out my back or have pains anywhere, I visit him for help.  He massages aching body parts, expels negative energy, infuses positivity and healing, and miraculously re-aligns my zigzagged spine.

Whenever he stops in to my cupcake, beer and wine bar, he knows if one of us isn’t feeling well or if something hurts. He treats us to a quick massage johnnyonthespot, while we explain to patrons that they should try him out. I’m sure it looks a little wackytobaccy at first glance, but it always results in folks taking Jim’s business card because they see the amazing relief we experience.

If I throw out my back, I go to Jim’s apartment where he practices his healing arts. Serene world music plays, and incense wafts through the air. I find it incredibly peaceful.  I tell him to have no mercy – do whatever he needs to work out the kink in my back or leg or shoulder.  He teases me that I can take more pressure than most guys.  Yeah yeah yeah pressure shmessure is just part of life in small business.  You’ve got to be able to take a lot of it.

I believe Jim is a miracle worker. About a year ago, I developed a sciatic nerve problem down the back of my right leg. I could barely walk and bending down to get into the bar fridge was a nightmare.  Sleeping was impossible.  Over a series of 4 visits to Jim, he fixed my sciatic nerve problem, and amazingly I’ve never experienced this problem again.

Jim’s life is intertwined with the music scene and he spends a lot of time working on musicians at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola.  Throughout the years, BB King, Merle Haggard, Peter Frampton, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, the Goo Goo Dolls, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Debbie Gibson, Taylor Dayne, Bad Company, Toby Keith, Gwen Stefani, Wynton Marsalis and Crystal Gayle, among many others, have all benefited from Jim’s healing hands.  Practically all of my staff over the last 2+ years have visited him too.

Jim is a kind-hearted person with great energy, an endearing chuckle, and a smile that radiates good cheer.  Most days he sits at the bar, chatting us up over a cup of coffee, reading our horoscopes and sharing the daily celebrity goss.  We all love Jim and his healing hands.  If you’re in need of a little healing, Jim’s cell is 646 256 4116.

My experience has been that healing happens through the touch of love, positive energy, kindness, understanding, forgiveness and the grace of time.

“Healing Hands”

I will never forget your healing hands my love

I thought my heart had stopped

I swore I had given up

I will never forget your healing hands my love

You gave me daylight you gave me sunlight

(Citizen Cope)

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cheers to the healing touch,


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