Marlo Scott: My Life Is INKredible!

Wow.  My life is INKredible!  Chase Bank launched its national tv, radio and print campaign for its Ink credit card last week.  My name, face, voice and business are EVERYWHERE!  I am just in awe of my INKredible fortune!

Ink Small Business Credit Card Logo

Ink Small Business Credit Card Logo

Friends, family, patrons, heck even strangers from all over the nation are emailing, calling and facebooking to let me know they’ve seen or heard the ad and tell me how beautiful they think it is.  I am thrilled beyond my wildest imagination for this crazy dream come true!

As many folks are asking, I thought I’d share the behind-the-scenes on how I got so INKredibly lucky to be found by Chase.  The scoop is that one of my lovely daytime regulars, Joanna, is a planner for Mcgarrybowen, and she submitted my name to her colleagues who needed to conduct customer focus groups on behalf of their client, Chase.  The crazy thing is I never knew Joanna until the day Chase filmed the tv commercial at Sweet Revenge®.  Since she is a daytime patron and I bartend at night, our paths didn’t cross.  However I am very blessed with remarkable staff who treat my patrons kindly and leave happy impressions, and I have the most amazing pastry cooks on the planet who make stylin’ and delish baked goods every day.  Joanna loved my place and knew my entrepreneurial backstory from my website, so she thought I’d be a good candidate for consideration.

The good folks from Mcgarrybowen interviewed me about my life in small business.  It was a “blind” interview, meaning they didn’t reveal who their client was.  They filmed me at Sweet Revenge and that was that.  Many, many months went by and I got a call in March from the agency while I was bartending.  They said they had exciting news to share.  I was mid-pour with a patron and bartending solo, and embarrassingly did not remember squat about doing their interview. I politely explained I couldn’t take their call and asked to speak with them the next day when I wasn’t working behind the bar.  When we met, they shared the remarkable news that Chase had picked me, out of all the small business owners they interviewed, to be the face of its small business credit card, Ink.  INKredible!

The world works in serendipitous ways.  I have been an Ink card member since the beginning of the year.  I have had a Chase personal credit card since 2008.  My Chase personal card was a huge help to me all through 2009 because I transferred over a lot of credit card debt that was on a different high interest card I’d used for smallwares, fixtures and furnishings for opening Sweet Revenge.  The Chase card didn’t charge any interest throughout 2009, an extremely challenging year financially for me, and so I was able to slowly pay down the debt and not incur any interest.  A very reasonable interest rate kicked in on the card in January, comparable to my SBA loan interest rate, and I finished paying off the balance a couple of months ago.  Credit cards are really lifeblood in my small business world, and I’m very disciplined about using them wisely.  No doubt about it, I think every small business owner should Make Their Mark With Ink!

It was a trip seeing my face in a full page color ad in the New York Times last Thursday!

Ink Print Ad

Ink Print Ad

Natch I plastered copies of it at Sweet Revenge® :).  Tomorrow, check out the WSJ small business section to see it.  Coming up it will run in Fortune, Inc, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and MyBusiness. You can watch the tv commercial on YouTube and there’s a pretty hefty tv schedule across cable and primetime happening in real-time.  Friends and fam are reporting seeing it while watching Dave Letterman, Jay Leno, Dateline, 48 Hours, ESPN, Fox, The Science Chanel, The History Channel, and The Weather Channel among others.  Here’s the press release on Business Wire for your reading enjoyment!

Thank you to all the generous folks at Ink and to all the good people they involved from other companies to bring this campaign to life.  It’s an amazing opportunity.  I know this is going to be a game-changer as a small business owner.  It will open doors that I can’t even imagine right now.  I am thrilled and so grateful.

I thank my awesome family, friends, patrons, my kickass staff, and the editorial community for all their support.

Yesterday was my 2nd year anniversary in business. What a birthday present! Manalive, what a crazy trip it has been.  The impossible is possible and the dream is real!

“To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe” (Anatole)

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  Perspective

cheers and my many thanks to all!

Ink Ink Ink Ink Ink 🙂


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