Meet The Regulars – Jesse

‘Hey Darlin.”  Jesse greets me with this easy going, friendly hello when he arrives at the bar.  I’ve had some hilarious times with him, and he’s such a love.  All of us gals at Sweet Revenge® are Jesse’s girls.

Jesse visits us at least once a day, sometimes 2 or 3 times. He starts out late morning or early afternoon with a skim cap or an iced coffee now that the weather is turning warmer.  He visits me on my barshifts, and we shoot the shit while he has a Kwak and a cranberry oatmeal pecan cookie which he luuuuuvs.  Occasionally he stops in latenight for a box of 4 cupcakes to go. These make the rounds out to Crooklyn to his uncle’s or to his ex-boyfriend’s.  Big thanks to Jesse for spreading Sweet Revenge® love!

Jesse has the best laugh — it’s a very silly sounding giggle, and it makes me smile hearing it.  Seriously it’s cute!  He is such a warm and funny friend and a very caring person.  He is A number 1 brother extraordinaire, babysitting for his 5 year old niece Ruby several times a week, including picking her up from school.  He has his work cut out for him though as little Miss Ruby doesn’t have a sweet tooth! I am confident that the two of us will wear her down eventually…

We tease Jesse that he is slim-shady.  He used to work in communications for the City, but he’s been doing his own thing since last summer. Despite repeated Spanish style inquisitions, we don’t have a clue what he does.  Sketchball!  He gets a kick out of that nickname.

I went shopping with Jesse this past winter for boots before the final winter storm was to hit.  I found the last pair of not-on-sale boots in the city, and Jesse bought moon boots, friggin’ hilarious looking.  It never snowed again.  Our next shopping mission is for summer sandals.  Seeing that the good weather has just begun here in NYC, it would be prudent if we hold off shopping until September.  Our influence with the weathergawds is fierce, and I don’t want to jinx anything!

About a month after H and I broke up and I was still a complete mess, Jesse came in for his usual caffeine. I sat down beside him at the bar. It was deadempty at SR which always bums me out.  Some tres fabuloso song came on the ipod.  The next thing I know Jesse and I are movin’ and groovin’ like bigtime dorkasuruses on the barstools (watch the video), and Pippa my bartender captures the whole thing on her i-phone.  It was the first time in a month that I’d really laughed.  I remember it very clearly because I felt dramatically different; actually I felt like my normal self.  It was a silly few minutes for me, and it was a relief to feel happy again, even for just a brief bit.  I’ve called on this memory to give me a pickup-me-up and a smile whenever I need one.  I really appreciate Jesse for giving me this great present.

Jesse is looking for a good man.  Let me know if you know someone worthy!  He must be kind-hearted, a happy person, cute and smart!

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  Learning To Be Kind To Myself

Laughter is the best medicine in the world. (Milton Berle)

cheers to laughing with friends,