Bonding With Fellow Entrepreneurs Over Cupcakes And Booze

Recently I met a few small business owners in the fashion industry at a PR event.  I sponsored mini cupcakes (Tart, Pure and Dirty) with their beer & wine pairings, displaying them along side pictures of my bar, the pairings menu, and my business cards on rustic parchment paper.  Talk about fashionable deliciousness!  Bring on the red carpet and the paparazzi!

After the event ended, we toasted each other with my lovely Vino dell’ Amore moscato spumante (the girls of Sweet Revenge® love Marin at Palm Bay Imports and Chase at Southern Wine!) and the remaining cupcakes.  As I like to say, it’s easy to shmooze over cupcakes and booze!

We can all open doors for each other, helping get the word out on our businesses.  Crossing paths with someone can alter your world in amazing ways, and at the very least it’s possible to learn something in even the briefest conversation and sometimes just by observation.  I thought I’d give a shoutout to the hard working women I met at the event.  I really get a kick out of helping people connect, and I know how much I appreciate it that so many folks go out of their way to spread the word about my place.

Please check out all the cool jewelry and fashion businesses these savvy ladies are running and pass along their URLs.  It’s good karma to do good!


Karen Mcguire and Lisa Waldron — two British sisters who joined forces to market their eclectic and funky, colorful jewelry inspired by the Far East.

Check out

Chime London Cherry Blossom Necklace

Chime London Cherry Blossom Necklace

Karen and Lisa visited me at Sweet Revenge® on their last night in NYC.  We swapped small business stories, and I was glad they got the full Sweet Revenge® experience, enjoying my cupcakes and wine pairings and the sexy, lovely vibe of my place.

I told Karen and Lisa that I’ve got a load of Brit friends in London who I will spread the word to.  They thought my booze and cupcakes would go quite well in Blighty.  Perhaps I could juggle a life and two businesses on both sides of the pond? Sure no probs, I just need my charming, emotionally available/intelligent, single, straight, British husband-to-be to show up in my life so I can pull off such an endeavor.  Hmmm perhaps I better just stay focused on what I’m doing!


Meghan just launched her sustainable fine jewelry business, pulling off heroic feats to get her website up and her business cards printed in time for the PR event.  She champions eco-friendliness and beautiful jewelry.   Check out

Meghan Connolly Haupt's Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring

Meghan Connolly Haupt's Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring

Meghan likes drinking beer, and I like selling it so we had a good chat about my cupcake and beer pairings.   She is such a beer aficionado that her first kid will one day be named Porter.  Cute! We swapped stories on running — she’s hardcore, running in vibrams and I nostalgically remembered my former runner-self.  If I run from my studio in the west village down to the Winter Gardens and back, I hear Chariots of Fire, and I think I’m a badass.  Louder than those inspiring tunes are my screamin’ knees so mostly I have to stick to the pool.  It’s soooo much easier on the joints.  I sound old.  Neat.

I was impressed that Meghan had negotiated a celebrity sponsorship with Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife Rachelle Carson-Begley.  I like to think the celebrities who have visited Sweet Revenge® during my first 21 months in business would all cheerily be my Page 6‘ers (Susan Sarandon, Chelsea Clinton, Elizabeth Berkley, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Lance Bass, Bjork, among meeeelions of others (note, slight exaggeration on the meeelions)).


Jamie is a seasoned entrepreneur, successfully running her apparel and accessories business for over 20 years.  I loved Jamie’s ruffled burnout tops — natch I’ve got quite an affinity since I outfit my staff in burnout tees from Alternative Apparel.  Jamie has sassy bejeweled flip flops with loads of personality.  Maybe the next time I do the front of house uni’s, I can chat with Jamie about possibilities…

Jamie Kreitman's sand dollar wedge flipflop

Jamie Kreitman's sand dollar wedge flipflop

When Jamie learned about my place, she asked if I hosted corporate parties at Sweet Revenge®.  Why yes indeed I do!  We agreed we’d follow up with each other about an event she wants to hold for her sales team.  I was delighted that she offered that up.

Jamie Kreitman Beruffled Tank

Jamie Kreitman's Beruffled Tank

Check out and get a little ruffled! Get bedazzled!

I’m excited to follow up with Jamie.  I love that the world works in such fabulous ways.

If only Jamie’s flipflops had support like my Danskos, I would be stoked to sport them at Sweet Revenge® this summer…!


Owner Tina Schreiber is making some seriously cute kids clothes in her hometown of San Fran.  That city is near and dear to my heart for many reasons.

Velvet and Tweed Onepiece

Velvet and Tweed Onepiece

A lot of friends from my University of Michigan B-school days are in the Bay Area, and they all have munchkins who would look tres adorable in her creations.  My aunt Deb and uncle Dan and cousins Juliagulia and Jamesyboy live in Santa Clara/San Fran/San Jose respectively, and they know tons of peops.  My ex-boyfriend lives there and has two of the most adorable boys on the planet.  I’m looking forward to spreading the word on Tina’s business so everyone can outfit their monchichis in Tina’s styley kidswear.

Check out


Melissa Needle Cates knits some stylin’ shawls, hoodies and wraps.

Needle by Needle Shawl

Needle by Needle Shawl

I liked Melissa’s use of rustic, natural colors.  She is quite the entrepreneur — in addition to running her apparel business, she also has a production business, including handling the fashion photography for Charlotte Ronson.

On that note, Melissa mentioned she was looking for a venue to shoot Charlotte’s upcoming line and also her Needle By Needle apparel.  She loved the photos I had of Sweet Revenge® and thought the dark hardwood, zinc metal, aged out mirrors and vintagey looking subway tiles would make a great photo shoot background.  Youguessderchester, we discussed doing those shoots at my place!  I really love how all roads lead to Sweet Revenge®.  Life is good!  Check out Melissa’s knits at

I think it’s important to help one another.  I enjoy opening doors, teeing up conversations,  helping peops connect and sharing experiences and perspectives.  I’m wired this way – it’s core to who I am.  My friends joke about my 6 degrees/Kevin Bacon nature.  I’ve been asking for help from my patrons and a whole load of others on a daily basis since I began my journey in small business.  I embrace asking for help.  Pride is never an issue on this note.  Patrons volunteer frequently in conversations with me that they’ve spread the word about my place to colleagues, friends, and family.  I’m really grateful for these efforts — I know it helps my little business in meaningful ways that add up in the long haul.  When we all contribute even just a weebit, it’s amazing the impact we can make and how much progress can be made.

It takes a village (African proverb)

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  My Good Karma Intervention

Many thanks to all of you who are spreading the word!



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