Meet the Regulars — Scooter

I have the world’s greatest regulars – they are kind-hearted, cool, thoughtful, down-to-earth, smart, eclectic and funluvin’.  They go out of their way to support me, and I love it when they hang out.  Opening up Sweet Revenge® opened up a whole new world of friends for me.

I always introduce the regulars to one another so if anyone strolls in solo there’s always a friendly face and a good conversation to be had.  I aim to be the upscale Cheers of the neighborhood where everyone knows each other, and I know my regulars as my friends.  This is a rare experience in NYC, and it makes my place special.  It’s very feelgood as a patron when you’re treated like you’re kind of a big deal, and I get a kick out of letting my regulars know how super VIP they are to me.

Scooter aka Scott T. is one of my awesome regulars. 5-6 nights a week he comes in for a Pure and a cup of my superfabulous Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan coffee which he has with skim and 2 packets of equal.  On a related side note, I have the most amazing coffee and espresso thanks to my supplier Kobricks.

Scooter and me at Sweet Revenge

Scooter and me at Sweet Revenge

Scooter aka Scoots sometimes breaks with tradition by having a Kwak (a belgian ale which is my most fun beer on the menu) and spicy tomato soup with chipotle pumpkin seeds.  Often times, he works whiles he’s hanging out, going through heaps of newspaper articles and folders of who knows what.  Sometimes his lovely girlfriend Kathleen joins him (her profile to come!) for a pinot grigio.  Occasionally he meets with members of The Y Society, a super fun bunch of peops who do good by volunteering fundraising efforts for the YMCA.

I take credit for reviving his nickname, but I don’t recall what prompted me to.  No doubt with his rainman brain, Scooter could remind me.  He claims the last time this nickname saw any action, he was 6 years old.  He calls me Marls — the only other folks on the planet who do this are my aunts and uncles back home in Indiana.   He has become one of my dearest friends over the course of the last year and a half that he’s been coming into mine.

Scooter does PR for some highly recognizable A-listers who are big on coinage and small in stature.  He’s an overflowing fountain of crazyamazing ideas for meeelions of business opportunities, books, and screenplays.  He’s whipsmart, ha-flippinlarious, one of the most connected peops in town, and an unbelievably thoughtful and generous friend.  He takes great care of me, and we have really good heart-to-heart talks about the stuff of life and the stuff of hearts.  I am blessed with his friendship.

Sometimes I cajole Scooter into counting my tips at the end of the night. He has been known to yodel out the door of SR to reel in patrons, and he’s the greatest free taxi service in town (he gives me a lift home if he’s with me at closing time).  He’s also a baaaaad influence with the ability to talk me into a turkey bacon avocado burger at 2am at the Washington Square diner.  He usually gets an omelet, 2 pieces of toast with grape jelly and home fries.

When I share some bit of good news with him or he tells me about something fab happening, his fave phrase is “And that’s the way, uh huh uh huh we like it.”  When he leaves SR, he says “Peace, love and happiness” and I respond “and Noodles”.  Then he sometimes says “May the force be with you” to which I respond “And also with you”.  I have no earthly idear where the hellsbells we came up with this banter but we crack ourselves up.

Thanks Scooter for being such a great friend-o-mine.

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  Growing Pains

I get by with a little help from my friends (John Lennon).

Peace, love, happiness and noodles.  May the force be with you.



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