Recently I’ve had the good fortune to be approached by two very savvy women about doing internships at Sweet Revenge®, one in the kitchen and one on the business side.  As a sole business owner, there’s never enough time, energy or other resources to get all the to-do’s done.  I have become pretty good at delegating whatever I can to my awesome staff.  It’s important to empower my team to handle various initiatives, especially when I know I’m likely to be a cog in the wheel.  Having interns feels like I’ve hit the jackpot…I now have extra resources to get stuff done, and they’re free!

I met Gisele, a first year MBA student, while I was sponsoring cupcakes at NYU Stern’s Annual Women in Business Conference earlier this year.  Her family owns a bakery in Peru, and she hopes one day to return to help run it.

Joan, my fabulous pastry cook, with interns Gisele and Mahira

Joan, my fabulous pastry cook, with interns Gisele and Mahira

She is keen to take an initiative from concept through execution, and we’ve scoped out the wedding cake/cupcake market for her project. I’m thrilled! There’s madmoney to be made in this line of business.  I’m looking forward to having her investigate the wedding cake market and competition, understand what brides are looking for, develop marketing, and create an editorial contact hitlist.

Mahira currently works in the corporate world in market research but has a passion for pastry — check out her blog  Joan is spearheading mentoring her in Commercial Kitchen 101.  Mahira’s first night was Tuesday, and she got such a kick out of being shown the behind-the-scenes at Sweet Revenge®.

It’s going to be a huge help to me to have these two talented women on board.  Gisele will make significant inroads on helping me understand, prepare and launch the wedding cake/cupcake line of business..  I’m confident over time this will lead to real dollar results.  Once Mahira is trained in the kitchen, this will free up the pastry cooks a little bit so they can focus on new recipes, hard-to-get to items and strategic projects.

I really enjoy providing a gateway for talent to explore their passions and discover new paths.  I’m a big proponent of pursuing one’s passion and living authentically.  Manalive am I grateful that I get to do this every day.  I don’t have any regrets about leaving my corporate life behind.  All the sacrifices are worth it.

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  Meet the Regulars — Scooter

I used the following quote in a speech at my University of Michigan MBA graduation ceremony in Ann Arbor in 1999.  I love it.  It’s a great way to live life.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. (Henry David Thoreau)



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