EasyBake It To Make It – Pitching Rachael Ray’s Producers

My lovely patron Kim White (Do I Have Lipstick On My Teeth?) hooked me up last week with an amazing introduction to Rachael Ray’s producers, helping me get a pitch in front of them for consideration.  After a lovely chat with one of them, I learned Rachael typically only has big name celebrity chefs join her on-air.  Looks like I’m gonna have to go get famous and then re-visit this convo…

Rachael Ray Show

Rachael Ray Show

The producers are considering my cupcakes as the studio audience’s snack of the day, so I’m keeping fingers crossed. You just never know what happens when you take a risk, put yourself out there and go for it. That’s my M.O. for my business and for my personal life too.

Thankfully we’re seeing blue skies and sunshine today, just in the nick-o-time for us newyorkers.  Seriously there’s only so much gray a person should ever handle in life.  Hmmm I think that’s another one of my M.O.’s…

Since I last blogged, there’s been a coupla developments, mainly all good. I’m v thankful about all the goodstuff coming my way. I’m a big believer in karma.  It’s either your best friend or a total bitch, and you’re the one who decides who shows up.  I really think I’m experiencing a goodkarma intervention because of the rough patch I’ve been through the last couple of months in my personal life.  This is helping me regain a positive attitude and be forward focused, and lemme tell you, while that’s my natural state of being, I’ve been anything but over the last several months. Sometimes you have to go through the motions, or in the words of my dear pal Treena, you have to fake it to make it and tell yourself that you’ve never felt better. You know it’s a crock of shit, but you also know at some point in going through the motions it will dawn on you that you’re doing all right for real.


I hired a lovely new pastry cook, Angelina, who got her grand diploma in pastry arts from the esteemed French Culinary Institute.

Angelina Viveros, Sweet Revenge pastry cook extraordinaire!

Angelina Viveros, Sweet Revenge pastry cook extraordinaire!

She’s a wizbang in understanding small business dynamics, having worked for the The Treats Truck.  I’m delighted she’s on board the team.

Joan created mini cupcakes that I debuted with wine & beer pairings this past weekend at the prestigious 92nd Street Y.  They were a huge hit, and they are adorable!  I’m considering offering them as a tasting flight on the weekends with a flight of wine pairings.  I’m convinced the patrons will go lunatic-fringe for this.  Stay tuned for deats!

Mini Dirty Cupcake

Mini Dirty Cupcake

In other news, I’m working out the kinks of soft-launching the overhauled Sweet Revenge® website. I’m superpsyched as I’m confident this is going to change the game bigtime strategically somehow one of these days for my biz.  My website designer, Mike Robinson, is a seriously patient, cool, bright, professional, and strategic guy. The word genius comes to mind, and I’m so fortunate to be working with him.  He introduced me to a very talented animation designer Dai Tran who did a badass job with The Story Of video on my website.

I’ve got a speaking engagement tonight with the Professional Women’s Alliance.  About 25 ladies are showing up at Sweet Revenge® to hear about life in the small business fast lane, while enjoying cupcakes and vino of course!

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  Working From Home!

What you put out there comes back to you.

cheers (and thanks weathergawds for the sunshine and blue skies!),


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