Beer Tastings!

My job is just plain tough at times. I’m sure you can appreciate how challenging it is to try different beers from around the world and do tastetesting for new recipes my fab pastry cooks are cookin’ up. Yeah, rough life, ha!

Recently I’ve been doing beer tastings as two of my delish beers (Gruut wit and Gruut amber) are being discontinued by my beer distributor.  I’m bummed to see these lovely beers go, but it’s an opportunity to try new things and play with the menu. Change is good!

To replace the Gruut wit, we’re offering the Blanche de Bruxelles, a fantastically refreshing white beer from Belgian. I tasted several white beers from two different beer distributors. It amazes me how much crap beer is out there. As my patrons are quick to tell me of their experiences with the competition in town, ditto that on cupcakes.

Blanche de Bruxelles now at Sweet Revenge

Blanche de Bruxelles now at Sweet Revenge

I insist on having unique and very sessionable beers on my menu. I never sacrifice quality, taste or aesthetic.

Blanche de Bruxelle’s logo has a pissing statue front and center. Gotta love the eurotrash…

I just met the owner of Fruli two nights ago, as he visited my place with a beer rep who is one of my patrons.

Fruli Belgian beer

Fruli Belgian beer

Fruli is a strawberry belgian wheat beer that is made with 30% strawberry juice. It is unbelievably beautiful.  I had my patrons tastetest it, and everyone loved it.

I spoke with my lovely pastry cook Joan about developing an angelfood cupcake to pair with Fruli.  The aromatic strawberry essence will pair fabulously with a light spongecake this spring and summer.

Fruli is offering to put in a draught system for me — looks like I’m makin’ the big league, oh yeah! I’ve never had a beer company offer this before, so clearly I’m kind of a big deal (uh yah right!)…!

I still haven’t found a suitable replacement for the Gruut Amber so my quest continues. I never settle.  I work closely with my main beer distributor (Tim at SKI rocks!), and I also rely on other beer distributors to educate me on possibilities. I have learned that I can take my time to do my due diligence for for these kind of changes for Sweet Revenge®. And then I always nail it out of the ballpark. Having a curiosity and an appetite for learning are essential in small business. Hmm, ditto that on the personal life too.

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  Nickels and Dimes and Banks Oh My…

Curiosity killed the cat, but where human beings are concerned, the only thing a healthy curiosity can kill is ignorance. (Harry Lorayne)