30 Rock Writers Get a Taste of Sweet Revenge®

It has been a crazy volatile couple of weeks.  March sales started off in the shitter.  It was a ghost town for a majority of the week, and I was  doom and glooming it wishing for March to end ASAP.  Thankfully the week gained momentum, and I put up strong numbers Thursday night and yesterday.  The weather has improved, along with patrons’ spirits.  I’m confident I reversepsyched the weathergawds by buying the last pair of not-on-sale snow boots this past week for the supposed blizzard which didn’t happen.  I’m not complaining.  I would rather not see a blizzard, and I am totally enjoying busting a move around in my boots to keep the snows away.

As I’ve been superdowninthedumps about my personal life for what seems an eternity, strangely much good karma has come my way for Sweet Revenge®.

30 Rock writers enjoyed Sweet Revenge cupcakes for their WGA award win!

30 Rock writers enjoyed Sweet Revenge cupcakes for their WGA award win!

I recently got an awesome order from NBC to send 3 dozen cupcakes to the writers of 30 Rock to congratulate them on their 2010 Writers Guild Award win.

I need to connect with Tina Fey and pitch her on including Sweet Revenge® in an episode.  Boy oh boy do I have plenty-o-material to share with her about my days there on the business side of 30 Rock…stuff of legends really…I think some of it would make excellent tv.

Other good karma happenings: Rachael Ray’s makeup artist, Kim White who is one of my fave (and amazing) patrons, brainstormed with me this week two concepts to pitch the show’s producers  I owe Kim the pitch tomorrow. I can’t thank her enough for helping me navigate this opportunity.  Kim is the best!!! Check out her kickass website:

www.doihavelipstickonmyteeth.com and join as a fan of hers on facebook!

Out of the blue this week, TodayShow.com asked to film me making cupcakes at Sweet Revenge® for their website audience.  They’re considering a couple of recipes and nailing down the date, which with a little luck will take place in the coming weeks.

I am a blessed person to have these amazing opportunities on  my horizon, and I am very grateful.  All of this good stuff makes my days brighter.  It helps me focus on positive things.  At least for brief bits of time I’m freed me from being consumed by the sadness and suffering in my personal life which really has taken a heavy toll.  I never lose sight of all that’s good, even when I’m blurred by grief.

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge® —  Easybake it to make it…pitching Rachel Ray’s producers

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