Thoughts On Blogging and Damn Do I Need To Get A Laptop

More than a week has gone by since my last blog post, and it was on my radar screen every day that I wasn’t getting to it.  I felt guilty that I was dropping the ball.  I was disappointed with myself that I didn’t have the energy to put into the creative  nature of blogging.  I was caught up in the stuff of life and work, and this was the thing I chose to give.   I had to cut myself some slack because it was all I could do to hang on to the ride.

To recap the week…On Monday we had one of the worst days in sales that I can recall; it didn’t even make sense to have the doors open for business.  Seriously ugh.  I was also hit with very devastating personal news, and this is an ongoing struggle for me.  On Tuesday, Felicia Jackson, an up-and-coming fashion designer (, threw her launch party at mine which helped undo Monday’s damage.  On Wednesday we had a massive blizzard which turned NY into a ghost town and whited out business. On Thursday evening, a patron Rose threw a fundraiser for Sanctuary for Families (  I donated cupcakes and a percent of her group’s sales to her charity.  Its good to do good.  We had a bangup weekend saleswise and my best Sunday ever thanks to love, cupcakes and booze.  A shoutout to cupid on that note for bringing me some excellent business karma.  By 7p Sunday we were sold out of cupcakes. Thanks to the good humor and nature of my patrons, they took my cajoling and enjoyed V-day wines and beers, noir et blanc cookies, gelato, and apple cinnamon and pecan coffee cakes instead. Thank you to all of them for choosing my place to share their special day.

I’ve been talking about getting a laptop for a couple of months, realizing that I could more efficiently and effectively work from home.  Since the beginning of this year, I’ve tried to be disciplined about focusing on strategic initiatives, especially blogging, twitter and facebook.  I’ve recognized that writing is a linchpin, requiring creative brainwaves and mental space to do it. I’m currently writing from my basement office at SR and lemme tell ya, it would be a treat to do write from a place that had sunlight. I can’t work upstairs at SR because I’m a chattycathy with my patrons and staff.  Have to call a spade a spade on that one.

So I need to bite the bullet and get a laptop. I’m gearing up for my first Mac purchase.  I’ve been a loyal Sony Vaio gal for many, many moons but everyone I know raves about their macs and change is good.  I think I’ll get the laptop early next week when I return from a weekend getaway to visit my brother Matt (aka Slimey), sister-in-law Brandy, my presh nephew Holden and my dad (aka Hank and also known as Scotty Scott who is coming in from St. Pete, Fl.) in Raleigh.  I have debated getting my new laptop before my trip but concluded naw fuck it, I need to just enjoy the time with my fam.  Our visits are very infrequent and really special, and this can wait a few more days.

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  Mixers, sauce cups and toilets, oh my!

What you put out there comes back to you, good or bad.  Its good to do good for others.