Raised $1600 to Help Haiti!

I tallied up the numbers and wahoooooo, we raised over $1600 this weekend during our Help Haiti fundraiser! I am thrilled, and I am proud of my team for what we accomplished.  It makes me feel really good to have rallied the support of friends, family and patrons and even more so that my staff did the same with theirs.

Being nimble with the ability to shift gears and priorities is a huge benefit of being my own boss.  I think back to my former corporate life in biz dev and the countless hours I would’ve spent in excel and powerpoint to justify the initiative.  I seriously am so thankful I was laid off.  In the equivalent amount of hours that would’ve been wasted in the corporate quagmire,  I wikipediad traditional Haitian food and drink, lined up a deejay/live music/my friend from the UN to give a talk, picked a charity organization, designed and printed takeway promo cards, had signs and a facebook event created, bought raffle tix, taste-tested guava frostings and jams that Joan developed in the kitchen and the Cremas drink Pips created,  marketed the fundraiser on Yelp, facebook and in an email blast, figured out the raffle/cupcake & cocktail pricing, and finally analyzed the results ala my POS backoffice reporting software.

I’m lucky and blessed.  I’m glad I can do good for others in need.

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge® – What a difference a year makes

The sweetest revenge is just to be happy.