Where A Week Goes?

Its Saturday afternoon, and I’m just now getting to my second blog post.  Where in the hellsbells did the week just go?!  It was a blur like a kalaidescope, in and out of focus on new Valentine’s day cupcake recipes, paying bills, and figuring out 75% of my silverware has disappeared over the last 18 months so we don’t having enough forks for patrons to eat cupcakes. Please dear staff, scrape the frosting off the plates into the garbage but spare the flatware!

Since I blogged on Monday, I’ve had intentions of blogging again every day.  In the game of small business thumb wars, operational nuts & bolts crushed my strategic pursuits.  My biggest timesucks are taking care of routine details and business admin, necessary to do’s but manalive do they get in the way of accomplishing to-do’s that will help the bigger picture.  This week we ran out of rolls of pennies,  I was delinquent on doing the bank deposit, I needed to get my ass to the Bowery for a new menu board since mine is looking getto, and I had payroll.

Sweet Revenge menu board

Sweet Revenge menu board

Most of the had-to-do’s got done by eliminating sleep and sacrificing my recent personal splurge — making time to swim at the public rec center at the end of the block ($6/month membership! yes, that’s right SIX DOLLARS A MONTH for membership, unbelievable!). I swiped the menu board photo from fab food blogger Grace at www.gracenotesnyc.com/2009/08/10/cupcake-cagematch-results-best-vanilla-cupcake-in-nyc/.  Thank you Grace!

To deal with the silverware shortage, I bought non-matching but cheap as chips matte flatware from Fish’s Eddy in Union Square instead of re-ordering my lovely original silverware and paying a hefty delivery fee.

Mix & Match Matte Silverware

Mix & Match Matte Silverware

Its a temporary fix that may become a permanent solution to the disposable nature of what shouldn’t be throwaway flatware. Maybe mix and match can be quirky cool? I’m willing to give it a try because its a savings of ~$2 per piece.  I’m interested to see what, if any, reaction patrons have to the mix and match. I want to ensure it doesn’t cheapen their experience thereby causing a branding issue. That would be a very different cost to the business…

Knowing how the week just flew, the rest of the weekend is going to zip by like a flash. I’ve got to bartend at SR in T-4 hours and one of my best galpals Lisa has just arrived from Blighty to crash at my studio for a few days.  I’m psyched to visit with her, totally exhausted and I need to pick up my laundry so I can make the bed.  I’d like to just close my eyes for a few mins to rest.  I know I’m going to blink and be back here in a few hours servin’ up booze and cupcakes.

And now for a teaser taste of Sweet Revenge®:

Casablanca cupcake (Rosewater frosting, pistachio cardamom cake)

Casablanca Cupcake (Rosewater Frosting, Pistachio Cardamom cake)

New cupcakes in development for Valentine’s day: Ma Cherie (Bordeaux cherry chocolate ganache, black velvet cake) and Casablanca (rosewater frosting, pistachios cardamom cake)…

Ma Cherie (Bordeaux Cherry Chocalate Ganache, Black Velvet cake)

Ma Cherie Cupcake (Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate Ganache, Black Velvet cake)

The sweetest revenge is just to be happy!