Help for Haiti Fundraiser

The Help Haiti fundraiser last night was a huge blowout success! I smashed all prior sales records, Best Day Ever, selling nearly 400 cupcakes, of which 100 were the Port Au Prince artisan at $5 a pop! It was a blast to see Sweet Revenge® filled up with peops, looking like the crowded bar I envision it will be someday on a regular basis rather than the exception. It was majorly rewarding and feelgood raising donations for the cause, and I can’t wait to run the reports tomorrow to tally the total money going to the U.N.’s World Food Program’s relief efforts.

My amazing staff rallied to ensure the fundraiser’s success. Pips was bartender-extraordinaire hustling patrons to eat, drink up and buy raffle tickets. Sacha and I cranked out an extra 3dozen cupcakes in record time in the 11th hour before her shift ended. Thank the goodness we did or we would’ve sold out!

Help Haiti Cupcake

Help Haiti Cupcake - Guava Creamcheese Frosting, Guava jam center, Mexican Vanilla Cake

Joan perfected the Guava creamcheese frosting and jam center recipes.  Mal and I worked the crowd in the afternoon as Pips and her pals sang their hearts out. I was very proud of her and impressed with her killer voice. It was the first time I’ve had live music at Sweet Revenge.  I loved it, and so did the patrons! Hmm…

After Pips, Luis and I closed up SR, several regulars/friends went with us to Daddy O’s to celebrate, unwind and eat tatertots. Who doesn’t need cheese & jalepeno covered anything at 2am, washed down with a guinness and accompanied by a side of bacon with syrup???? Dinner of champs and what a way to head to bed. Natch today I’ve sworn to eat healthier…so far so good.

Life in the Sweet Revenge® lane has its fair share of forks in the road and potholes even when you’re looking ahead at an endless bluesky horizon. Joan gave notice a couple of days ago, concluding she is leaving the restaurant industry to return to the corporate world for stability, finances and health insurance.  I can’t compete in small biz against big biz perks. I wish I could offer her health insurance but I’m not even taking a salary yet, a year and a half into this. I bartend 5 nights a week because I live off my tips.  My health insurance plan consists of looking in both directions before I step off any NYC curb. Natch I’m bummed Joan is leaving but I’m hooking her up with PR contacts and colleagues because I’d like to see her land something great.  She is a phenomenal team player and has assured me of a smooth transition, onboarding the newbie we find and handling brunch recipe development. I marvel at the work ethic and integrity my staff has. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by good folks who care.

In addition to planning the exciting, there was admin to do. Rosa, my amazing book-keeper, worked at SR on Wednesday doing payroll, bank recs and vendor payments. I looked back at my prior post, did I say “Fun with payroll”?  Fun is NOT the word either she or I would use to describe what went down with Quickbooks. There was a major snafu with the employees’ W2s. Rosa handled it with grace under pressure. She manages a fuckton of details, and I couldn’t do what she does. She is a life saver, sanity check and wonderful thought partner.

I’m lucky to do what I love, building this business and doing my tiny bit of good for Haiti. Thank the goodness for all the good peops who allow me to live the dream every day. I couldn’t do it without them.

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®: Tallying up the funds we fun-raised!

The sweetest revenge is just to be happy!