Gettin’ It Done

Phew! What a fast and furious blur the last several days have been.  I’m seriously exhausted.  I push myself to extreme levels to accomplish my goals.  You have to be wired this way as a small business owner. If you’re not, you’re probs not cut out for being an entrepreneur.  I’ve learned nothing is easy, and everything takes longer than I’d like. But achieving what I want is a function of timing, sleep (or lack thereof), prioritizing and actualizing.  Its a relentless pursuit of the dream. The process is evident in the dark circles under my eyes and silver in my hair. Not pretty.

I’m in the throws of logistics and planning for the Help Haiti fundraiser this Saturday, which is coming together nicely. My pal Treen is opening the day with a discussion of the U.N.’s relief efforts.  She works for their World Food Program, and she’s kind of a big deal although you’d never know it since she is so down-to-earth.  A local patron, Lenox, a super for one of the nearby buildings, is DJ’ing for me.  Pips created a kickass Facebook event and made signs that she put up on the structural column, door and POS register.

Pips and Help Haiti  Fundraiser Sign

Pips and the Help Haiti Fundraiser Sign

She’s organizing some of her peops to sing at Saturday’s event.  She is a crazy talented performing artist, and one of these days is going to get her big break.  I just teased her that we need to “pubcast” her live tunes on Saturday from SR, so we may just do that!  Here’s the link to this Saturday’s Eat, Drink & Help Haiti fundraiser at SR:

I need to make a decision and give a job offer for the open bartender position.  I’ve backburnered this to-do since the weekend as I’ve been madbusy with the HH fundraiser and Vday cupcake actividades. Crap batman, I’ve gotta busta move since Miss Mal’s last day is next Wednesday. Yikes!

I’ve been on the warpath about my prosecco bottles not opening. My guys Marin at PalmBay Imports and Chace at Southern Wine are taking care of the problem.  Apparently the wine maker might’ve screwed up the cork, making it virtually impossible to remove. Its a little awkward as a bartender not to be able to open a bottle in front of patrons. Last night I had to ask one for help. He was floored that he almost couldn’t open it.  Being a bartender is a physical job (great for tone arms!) but seriously I am way too tired these days to fight the bottle to pour a glass.  I was a weebit grouchy with Marin about the sitch because I didn’t feel like he was taking me seriously. One call into Chace confirmed that his management knew of the issue. Tomorrow they’re picking up the wine, and we’re determining how we’re heading into this weekend with an alternative prosecco if they can’t replace mine with the Lunetta brand I carry.

Over the last several days, we’ve been experimenting with V-day cupcake designs, getting patrons’ input, making progress, going in circles and then in crunch mode finalizing the heart motif for 3 different Valentine’s day cupcakes  last night around 9pm.  Serena and Joan really busted a gut on the product development over the last two weeks, each creating designs and Joan spearheading the new recipes.  Last night Serena stayed late and took the design work over the finish line.  Who knew that a heart could look so different in buttercream vs creamcheese frosting vs ganache. Tricky little sucker the heart is and really just a pain in the arse.  Ahhh but worth it! Joan handled all the bakeoff, decorating and packaging this morning, and the cupcakes with their badass heart motif looked flippin’ amazing.

Joan with Valentine's Day Cupcakes Ready for Martha, Rachael & TimeOut!

Joan with Valentine's Day Cupcakes For Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray & TimeOut NY Mag!

Serena With Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Serena With Valentine's Day Cupcakes The Eve Before The Big Dropoff

I was happy as a clam to do the dropoff this morning. Juan accompanied me, and we did three drops in one hour (a miracle of efficiency in this city). I returned to SR feeling relieved and like I’d been hit by a macktruck.  I went home and got under the covers for a few hours. I felt like total crap with my whole body hurting. I took an airborne, made some tension tamer tea my mom had given me for Xmas and handled work on my crackberry.  I was at the jeopardy point (aka the JP) — any further and I wasn’t going to handle things well due to my exhaustion.

When I’m worn out, my brain synapses don’t fire stellarly and lemme tell ya, my emotions are just whacked.  Its best to take a timeout during these moments, but there are times when this isn’t an option.  If I’m at the JP when I’m bartending, I just have to suck it up until the close, and in  moments of serious edgetipping, I go into the bathroom for a sec, take a deep breath and tell myself to get it together.

In order to go the distance with my business, it’s a essential I find short bits to recharge, decompress, rest and be good to myself so I can feel like myself.  I have to do this so I can do it over and over again.

Teaser Taste of Sweet Revenge®:  Fun with payroll and cash

The sweetest revenge is just to be happy!