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Sexy, edgy heart design ideas for Valentine's day at Sweet Revenge

Sexy, edgy heart design ideas for Valentine's day at Sweet Revenge

We’re making headway on our sexy, edgy heart design for Valentine’s day cupcakes. Today my fab baker Serena, a supersmarty senior at NYU who is attending the French Culinary Institute after graduation, developed more options for consideration.

I love progress. It’s exciting.  And it’s seriously good fun in my world!

Help Haiti Fundraiser

When I was bartending two nights ago, my regular-turned-pal Doug suggested I do a fund-raiser for Haiti. He has attended them recently at bars around town, having a great time donating money for a much needed cause. Brilliant idear, thank you DougyDoug!

Haiti flag

Haiti flag

Yesterday I researched the recipe for Cremas (an alcoholic eggnog-like drink), learned about the traditional fruits of Haiti and found out the country’s signature beer is Prestige. Pippa, one of my superstar bartenders who takes awesome care of my patrons, my place and me began her magic mixology on Cremas. Calls into my beer guys went sadly unsuccesful. A company out of Florida that carries Prestige can’t ship out of state to bars. We called our supplier Green Mountain Flavors to order rum extract for the Cremas recipe.  I brainstormed with my bakers about doing a mango buttercream and coconut cake. I’m aiming to have a Help Haiti bash sometime next weekend. It’s really kickass to take an idea, dive into action and do some good for others. I love that I don’t have to jump through any hoops with management, put together a budget in excel or a powerpoint pitch explaining the concept/P&L impact/risks. Thank gaaaawd I’m my own boss and I call the shots.

My cupcake, beer and wine bar is world-inspired. I’ve crafted this essence in the cupcake and savory cake flavors, my beers & wines, and the music I play (reggae, bossa nova, latin, other world tunes).  The world is inspired to help the people of Haiti in their time of crisis, and its really rewarding to do my part at 62 Carmine Street.  I’ve gotta sort out the fundraiser’s deats, pick a relief org, and get the ball rolling on marketing efforts asap!

Teaser taste of Sweet Revenge®:  Cha..cha..cha..changes! As the world turns with the staff…

The sweetest revenge is just to be happy!